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October 12, 2020

Summer seemed to end rather suddenly in our part of the world, and there is a distinct chill in the air. It is time to put away our summer clothes and beach towels, and start digging out the woollies and snug blankets. Fall can still have warm sunny days though, which is why we are all about transition garments. These are lightweight yet heat-retaining, non-bulky yet still able to keep out the cold. Our two wardrobe staples for Fall are linen jackets and wool scarves.

Why you need a linen jacket this season

linen jacket fall winter

Perfect for slinging over slimline knits or office shirts, a linen jacket is the ideal transition garment. Rather than switching straight to a large winter coat, which can be too hot at this time of year and annoying to carry when you start overheating,  linen jackets are lightweight yet warm.

Our range includes thigh-length and longer jackets in soft linen, inspired by traditional workwear but with a flowy, feminine take. Two essential pockets are perfect for chilly hands, your latest book or your purse, and the neckline provides an interesting detail without being fussy. Linen helps regulate your body temperature, meaning you will stay comfortable as you go in and out of heating environments. And these jackets not only look timelessly stylish, they are machine washable too unlike wool winter coats, making them an easy-to-care-for option for busy people.

In neutral tones that work with most colours, these linen jackets look great paired with jeans and a t-shirt, or to soften a more formal blouse and skirt or trousers for work. They are smart without being too dressy or business-like, and add an effortless finishing touch to outfit.

A wool scarf: the must-have accessory

wool scarves fall winter

When you need a little extra warmth on cool autumnal days a wool scarf will keep you cosy without feeling stuffy. Our wool scarves are super soft to the touch and crafted from 100% pure wool, which makes them ideal for sensitive areas close to the face. They hit the Fall accessory sweet-spot: cosy yet not too thick, adding a pop of colour or a subtle accent to your outfit. Choose from our slimline, snug Fabiene, the larger sumptuous pashmina-style part-cashmere Salvatore shawl, or our luxurious merino wool Luciano scarf.

These understated yet elegant wool scarves will see you right through Fall, Winter and into Spring. In these times of global pandemic, where meeting outside is often the only way we can see loved ones, it's even more crucial to stay wrapped up and warm. With so much uncertainty, small pieces of goodness like a soft scarf on a crisp Fall walk can help us feel nurtured. And our shawls also double as a wrap or blanket so you can hunker down on the sofa under an extra layer of warmth  with your favourite film – and person.

Both our linen jacket and wool scarf collections are created with the usual LinenMe attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship and top quality materials. So you can be assured that they will keep on looking beautiful for years to come.

Read more for ideas on choosing the best colours for Fall  and the benefits of wool.

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