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April 3, 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope you are safe and healthy. Last month reminded us all how fragile is the world we are living in and how important is to stay united and together in response to unprecedented challenge that we are all facing today.

I'm reaching out to share with you update from LinenMe family.

It wouldn't be honest to say that we were fully prepared for this as probably nobody in the world was, but having customers and partners in South Korea and Japan helped us to get early signals about what we should be getting ready for. It's been 4 weeks since we implemented changes to the way we operate at LinenMe. We reorganized our manufacturing unit to increase physical distance from each employee and to minimize number of contacts everybody has, we all wear face masks and we do disinfection of facilities every 3 hours. All our customer support team is working from home. We implemented contactless procedure to pick-up our parcells with our couriers. We ask all employees who have been exposed to some risk to stay at home at least for 14 days. Today we operate at 75% of our pre-covid-19 capacity and we ship all our orders on time. Every day we dedicate two hours to make linen face masks, which we provide to those who are in need as our country is not an exception and medical masks go to our doctors first and supplies for all others are limited. We are glad that we can still operate and secure the jobs for our employees.

Stay at home, stick to physical distancing rules, wash your hands often, wear face mask, take care of your closest ones and your communities.

If you decide to order smth from LinenMe during these stormy times we will add to your order our linen face mask free of charge (we are not selling them and they are not available on our online shop). Be aware they don't replace the medical masks, but as we've been advised by the experts they are definitely better than nothing in protecting others ( especially if you have a cough or sneeze). They are reusable if you wash them at 90 degrees and iron.

Linen face maskFace mask


Stay optimistic. All storms are over one day and the sun will shine!


With love,


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