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September 24, 2021

In case the stunning colors of Autumn aren't enough to make you fall in love with this season, there are celebrations a-plenty at this time of year. It's the season for festivals, indoor dinners and family get-togethers: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, Chanuka, Diwali, Ladakh, Bandi Chhor and Mawlid al-Nabi to name a few. Times when loved ones gather to share food and exchange stories or gifts, to worship or just spend time together.

TerraFringe_Tablecloth_Brick-29_600x600 TerraFringe_Placemat_Brick

To bring a real sense of occasion to your celebration meals, try adding some beautiful new table linen. Not only will this create an elegant feel for your table setting, it's practical too. Pure linen is stain resistant, comfortable on the skin and can be machine washed. So you don't need to worry about keeping things clean – let our linen napkins and tablecloths take care of that for you!

Table linens for Fall

TerraFringe_Runner_Brick-14_600x600 TerraFringe_Napkin_Brick-3_600x600

We're excited to introduce some new Fall colors in our table linen range, like the earthy, warm Brick tone. This adds a welcome touch of color to your table without dominating the setting. It looks amazing paired with deep greys or dusky pinks, or as a matching set for a pulled-together look.

CheckWashed_Tablecloth_Napkin_Natural-Brick_600x600 WindowPaneWashed_Tablecloth_Napkin_Natural-Brick_600x600

Kitchen aprons to bring a smile


And while you're preparing these delicious meals, don't forget about protecting your clothes. Our pure linen cross back and bib aprons keep your outfit looking great. They also offer a handy place to store tea towels or kitchen gadgets on the move. As part of our new heavy linen collection we're releasing the Terra aprons and matching tea towels for the ultimate home chef's prep kit.

Terra_BackCrossApron_BalsamGreen_600x600 Terra_BibApron_Brick-2_600x600

Our new Stripes range features gorgeous autumnal colors offset with natural-toned stripes. Choose from Brick, Indigo, Black and Forest Green as background shades. These make a perfect gift for the keen cook and will last for years thanks to linen's inherent durability. They are also great for gardening, crafting, art-making and DIY projects, safeguarding your clothing whilst simultaneously looking effortlessly stylish.

Multistripe_BibApron_Brick-Natural_600x600 Brittany_BibApron_Black-Natural_600x600

How to care for your kitchen or table linens and linen apron

When it's time to wash your apron, linen napkins, table runner or tablecloth you can simply run them through a warm cycle on your washing machine. Use gentle detergent, then hang to dry or tumble dry if needed. We never bother with ironing as we love linen's natural creases, but you can press your apron and table linens for a really polished finish if that's your thing.

_64A2443 Terra_HandTowel_SeaFoam_600x600

With these sumptuous new colors, combined with linen's soft, supple feel and hard-wearing properties these pieces are must-have textiles for the modern home. However you're celebrating, we wish you a happy, healthy Autumn season.

For ideas on decorating a Fall table go here, and to discover our full range of kitchen linens and table linens go here and here. We've got everything you need for a stylish, functional home in a wide range of colors and patterns.



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