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February 16, 2023

At LinenMe we put sustainability at the heart of what we do. From using linen fabric, a biodegradable fabric that requires fewer resources to produce than other materials, to using green energy and right down to our packing and shipping methods, we try to reduce our impact on the environment. In this post we're taking you behind the scenes to see how we deliver your linen textiles to your home. Find out about our sustainable packing and shipping, and get some tips on reusing your linen packing bags.

wrapping linen textiles sustainable packing

Packing with the planet in mind

Our dedicated team hand-pack all your beautiful linen purchases in bags made from fabric offcuts. This not only minimises waste, it also means you can re-use the packaging. The bags come in different colours, depending on what we're using at the time, so you can create a collection of contrasting tones. Single-use plastic bags are being phased out across the retail sector, and we're proud to be promoting a much more sustainable option with our linen drawstring bags. Plus, they're really pretty too!

Here are some ways to put your linen bags to use around the house:

  • Use to store chargers, cables and leads - keep these unsightly things neatly housed and you'll always be able to find them
  • Take them in your reusable shopping bag and use to pack fruit, vegetables or bulk-weighed dry foods
  • Sew or write your child's name on the front and use as a school gym bag
  • Pack travel toiletries so everything is in one place
  • Store feminine hygiene products
  • Wash delicates inside your linen bag to prevent stray bra pads or tangled straps
  • Carry your daily essentials (phone, sunscreen, book, water bottle, lipstick) in one place inside your tote bag - no more rummaging in the depths to find them!
  • Keep bread inside your linen bag for freshness as well as visual appeal

sustainable linen bags filled with bread, fruit and food   linen drawstring bags sustainable packaging

Tag us @linenme on your social media with a photo of how you're using yours, and help us build momentum for reusable packaging!

What about how we deliver your linen homewares?

Over recent years the number of parcels sent globally has skyrocketed. And that comes with an environmental price. The way your products get to you is just as important as how they are made and packed. As a principally online brand we send hundreds of packages every year. So we want our courier services to be as eco-friendly as we are.

We use cardboard boxes and envelopes, and courier bags made from 80% recycled film. Whilst not a solution in itself, cardboard is one of the more sustainable packing materials as it's renewable, reusable and recyclable.

sustainable cardboard box packed by woman

We use FedEx, UPS and DPD to safely deliver your purchases. These companies have made progress in addressing their carbon footprints in various ways, including monitoring and identifying optimal routes, investing in research, converting their fleets to electric vehicles and investing in, or using, renewable energy.

One way you can help reduce the environmental impact of your delivery is to be there to accept your package the first time your courier calls by. Using the product for as long as possible, mending rather than replacing where appropriate, and reusing the packaging all make a difference.

As you can see, we're working hard to reduce waste and emissions and promote sustainable retail. Buying from us means you're making a choice for a better future. Because we create beautiful linen products that are built to last for years.

And if you've ordered something from our bedlinen collections, linen clothing line, kitchen textiles or home decor pieces, we hope you enjoy unwrapping them when they arrive. Show us how you're reusing your linen bag!




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