Dorm Room Style: Easy as ABC

September is the time of year when many of us are waving a child off to college (sob), or are moving out of home ourselves to begin a new life of study (and parties, let’s be honest). We’ve rounded up some simple ways to make a dorm room or bedroom in a shared student house feel like home and ease the transition into the big wide world.

Homesickness can be a major issue for young people leaving home, so it’s important to find ways of bringing a little bit of home into their new room. Pictures and photos are the best way of doing this, but you don’t need to create a jumbly mass of images. Instead, follow this genius how-to and make one of these super-stylish photo hangers.

photodisplay - dorm room

Space is always a factor for newbie college-goers, so it’s time to get creative with the storage. Use under-bed boxes to hide clutter, and if you are able add shelving vertically to utilise the maximum space. Store unsightly things in baskets or boxes and use the shelving for trinkets, books and items that express your personality. Muji and Ikea are our go-to places for handy storage solutions.

Dorm Room

Stick to a simple colour palette for a chic finish, choosing colours for your linens and accessories with similar shades or tones. Make the bed a feature of the room – add some luxurious, bright bedlinen or a cosy throw to bring some home comfort. Pick out the colour of your duvet or sheets with other furnishings, or paint one wall if you are permitted. Our upcoming Marine Blue bedlinen would make the perfect leaving home gift and a gorgeous base tone for the rest of the room’ s decor. It will reassure you, too, knowing your son or daughter will be tucked up warm and cosy, whatever time they roll in.

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Create a feature wall using pictures, posters and photos. Hang frames of contrasting shapes and sizes, and mix with an eclectic assortment of images that will draw the eye and provide a talking point. If you are not allowed to fix things to the wall try this genius idea of creating frames using washi tape.

washitapepics - dorm room

Decals are a great way to add a little flourish to an otherwise boring wall. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are easily removable so you can play around with placement and take them with you when you move out. We love these gold spots for a bit of tasteful bling.

dorm room

Workspace is crucial in a small, often shared, space so make sure your desk is clutter-free and inviting. Use tin cans, Mason jars or empty containers to store pens and other equipment. Trolleys (like the ones you see in hairdressers) make brilliant storage for paper and books, and are portable so you can shift things about if you need to. Get a decent lamp for all those late-night study sessions, and make sure your chair is comfy by adding a sheepskin rug or cushion.

desk - dorm room

A few plants (if you are allowed) will bring some life to your room and help purify the air. Place them in interesting pots and put on a sunny windowsill so they can thrive. Choose plants that need minimal attention, just a bit of water and some light. Plants also make a lovely gift, and are a visible reminder of the person who gave them.

A set of new towels and kitchen linen (if using a shared kitchen) will make showering more fun and encourage adventures in the kitchen. Linen makes an excellent choice for students as it is hardwearing and washes amazingly. And there’s no need to iron, which is unlikely to be high on a new student’s list of priorities. We have a monogramming service, so you could make a really special, personalised present for your fledgling loved-one.

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All of these ideas will also help transform a small teen bedroom into something more grown up and stylish. Whatever stage your young ones are at, we’ve got it covered.

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