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August 16, 2019

[Guest post]

It is always important to be ready for family and friends to stay at your home, regardless of the time of year. However, with Fall approaching, and the holiday season arriving shortly after, you’re bound to see more guests spending time in your home. As a host, you want nothing less than for your house to feel welcome and comfortable. Here are some tips we gathered to help you make sure your guest room has everything it needs for visitors.

1. Welcoming flowers


Nothing says welcome quite like a vase of flowers. Whether you go out and buy fresh flowers or purchase some realistic silk ones, the gesture will definitely be noticed. Look for a selection in colors that represent the season you’re currently in to make their room a touch more festive.

2. Soft bath towels

Having separate towel sets exclusively for guests is important. Not only does it make your guests feel pampered, it also keeps them from having to use towels that you use every day. Look for neutral tones that will go with your bathroom color scheme, and try linen sets that will comfort guests with sensitive skin.

3. A comfortable mattress

The benefit of staying at a friend or family member’s house over a hotel is not having to deal with uncomfortable mattresses. Make sure your guest room is equipped with a new mattress that your guests will love. The process is even easier when ordering one online and having it shipped directly to you!

4. Comfortable bed sheets

bedroom looks using linen

A way to make your guest room stand out is to make up the bed with linen sheets that will keep your guests comfortable at night. No one likes to be hot while sleeping, so they’ll appreciate the extra thought. And in winter, linen keeps your body temperature stable, keeping you cozy and sleeping more deeply. Again, look for a neutral tone that will go with the color of your guest room so you can interchange the bedspread with the seasons.

5. Entertainment

Having some forms of entertainment in your guest room is important for any alone time they may want to have. While they’ll probably bring their own, having something there for them is another nice gesture that will be appreciated. Something as simple as a small selection of books in different genres, a stereo or a television can give your guests just what they need for some private time to unwind.

6. Extra throw

Just in case your visitors like an extra blanket while they sleep, or prefer to use one instead of a comforter, having a throw in their room is a great idea. This way the option is there for them whether they use it or not. Look for a snug wool throw for something that will be light but also warm.

7. Cozy rug

Stepping on a cold floor in the morning is no way to start your day. Just in case your guests forgot to pack their slippers, make sure their room has a soft rug so their feet aren’t exposed to chilly hardwood. Also, a rug will instantly make your guest room feel more cozy and home-like.
There are certain perks your friends and family get by staying at your home when in town visiting. Make them feel welcome by ensuring their room has these comforting essentials. Plus, it always makes you feel good to know they feel comfortable in your home and that you’re being the best hostess you possibly can be.

For more on decorating guest rooms go here.

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