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February 8, 2019

We've been thinking about developing some new series on the blog and wanted to check in with you to see what kind of things you'd most love to read about. We'll be continuing our 5 Good Things interviews (where we ask people to talk about their favourite 5 homewares or textiles), as well as featuring new product ranges, interior design news and celebrating linen fabric in all its eco-friendly, beautiful glory. There will also be travel segments, with the low-down on various cities that Inga loves to visit, giving tips on the best places to eat and see.

interior design blog - Love to Read

Another possible idea is to have a series of home tours. This would offer you the chance to feature your home on the blog, and for the rest of us to get inspired. We love reading about how other people have decorated their homes, how they manage their day-to-day lives and the stories that brought them to each place. Would you like to read more of this here?  Would you like to take part? Let us know in the comments below.

book club blog - Love to Read

How about a LinenMe book club? This would be an online book club where we would announce which book we will be reading, and then post an in-depth review at the end of the month. We would invite you to comment on the review, and add your own views and experiences of reading the book. Every person who comments would be entered into a prize draw for a LinenMe product, or a copy of the book.

pink linen textiles - linen duvets

We are also considering a Styling Challenge series where we ask four people to style one of our products. We would post the images on Instagram and then select a winner after all four entries have been featured. There would be a round-up post on here showing you the four different images and looking at design influences or styling tips that everyone could use. This would give you different ideas on how you could use our linen textiles in your home, and may set you off on other interior decor paths too.

We are really excited about giving you top quality, valuable content, whether you're looking for home decoration ideas or want to cosy up with a cup of coffee and lose yourself in the world of linen and 'lifestyle' for a bit. Tell us in the comments below what things you'd like more of, so we can make sure you get the best possible experience while you're here.

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