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May 24, 2021

LinenMe Beach Towels Mint

Ah, the hazy days of summer! In our part of the world the migratory birds have returned and gardens and hedgerows are beginning to come alive with blooms as spring draws near its close. With hot weather and long, lazy evenings just around the corner, our thoughts are turning to summer essentials. From lightweight clothing to temperature-regulating bedding, linen comes into its own in the warmer months. We love its cool feel against our skin and the versatility of this amazing fabric. Which is why a chic linen beach towel and slouchy, casual linen beach bag are top of our list of summer must-haves.

Why choose a linen beach towel?

Non-bulky yet super absorbent, linen is the perfect choice for a trip to the beach, or for lying poolside with a cocktail and a good book. The magic way linen soaks up moisture yet dries quickly means it's super-useful when you're dipping in and out of the sea and don't want a soggy towel to lie on. It's also far less bulky than cotton towelling, taking up less space in your packing or day bag. Just roll it up and go!

Linen Beach Sheet

Linen beach towels come in a wide range of colours and patterns to cater for every style and aesthetic. They look just as good in the bathroom as they do against golden sands, and your beach towel can easily double as a bath sheet when you're home. From vintage-inspired stripes to bold pops of colour, you can really express yourself and make a statement as you sunbathe. And your towel can double as a picnic blanket too. Just make sure to keep the sand out of your sandwiches!

Linen Beach Towels

As well as their incredible absorbency, linen beach towels are a sustainable option as linen uses fewer resources to produce than other fabrics, and is naturally biodegradable. Your beach towel will be long-lasting, hard-wearing and easy to care for – simply sling it in the washing machine and hang or tumble dry. Ready for the next sun-soaked, memory-filled summer day.

We're totally crazy about linen beach totes

Perfect for either a ready-t0-go summer essentials bag or an easy-carrying, lightweight shopper, a linen beach bag is endlessly versatile. We love a spacious yet packable size, that has room for our sunscreen, swimsuit and book but can also be rolled up with other luggage on vacations, or slung into a larger hold-all if needed.

Linnen Beach Bag

Functionality needn't come at the cost of looks. Because linen takes dye so well there is a vast selection of colours out there, so you can find a beach bag that works with your wardrobe, or matches your linen towel. Whether you like an eye-catching statement accessory or something subtle that blends easily with your outfit, a linen beach bag always makes the style grade.


What are your summer staples? Those accessories and basics you just can't do without. Are you a fan of mineral sunscreen? Do you have a favourite brand of sandals you swear by? Let us know in the comments!



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