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October 25, 2019

Do you sometimes let yourself drift off into dreams of building your perfect forever home? If so, you're going to love this post. We recently collaborated on the interior design of an exciting new build by Hygge Supply. The house, in Michigan, was designed by Sean Karcher, who has developed a series of kit houses aimed at making the dream of building your own home a little bit simpler. Sean's houses have sustainability at their heart, with materials, energy supplies and even appliances selected for their eco-friendly credentials as well as their impeccable good looks. While the houses are intended to be ordered, delivered and constructed with minimal fuss, there's nothing basic about them. The interiors are stunning and each one is imbued with Sean's attention to detail and modernist aesthetic. And, as the name suggests, all Hygge Supply kit houses are designed to feel comfortable, calm and inviting.

Hygge Supply not only produce kit houses, they will also guide you through the process of the build. In around just six months you can have your very own new-build house, ready to decorate exactly as you like. They also rent out some houses as holiday accommodation.

Birch le Collaboration rental kit house - Hygge Supply

Sean asked us to supply linen textiles for a new Hygge Supply rental house, Birch le Collaboration in Michigan. It's the perfect space for our linenwares: simple yet elegant, minimalist yet cozy, and with a close connection to the surrounding countryside that echoes linen's natural roots. The house is available to rent but if you can't make it there then here are some pictures of the house featuring our linen cushions, linen bedding and linen towels. We are thrilled with how the interior looks, and delighted that our products have played a part in making this beautiful house feel like a home.

hygge supply kit housemay-6691 copy

linen bedding kit house

linen towels hygge house

For more on decorating with linen go here and here. And if you're keen to find out more about the process of building your own kit house, Hygge Supply have set it all out here.

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