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June 10, 2020

With Father's Day fast approaching and many of us trying to buy more sustainable gifts for birthdays and special occasions, we've got the perfect gift for the man in your life: a linen apron. Whether he's your barbecue-loving dad, your foodie brother or your sourdough-making friend, a beautiful, functional apron makes a great present.

With most of the world in some form of lockdown at the moment, we are spending much more time in our homes. This means paying more attention to what we eat, more home cooking, more gardening (if we are lucky enough to have outside space) and more time to get round to those niggling DIY tasks that need fixing. A linen apron is the perfect companion for these domestic tasks. Here's why:

men's linen apron

Why choose a linen apron?

  • Because our linen is pre-washed our aprons are super soft to touch. Linen is durable and long-lasting, meaning this is a gift that will last for years. It's also machine-washable so there's no need to worry about spills or stains. (If you do need to deal with a spillage here's what you need to know about washing linen).
  • And aprons aren't only useful in the kitchen. They make brilliant cover-ups for gardening, painting, pottery throwing, tinkering with bikes. Basically, any job that might get messy and where you need to protect your clothes.
  • We've all seen the novelty aprons aimed at men, but there's no need to sacrifice style and opt for something tacky or corny. Our men's linen aprons are quietly stylish and are aimed at confident men who recognise good quality craftsmanship and don't follow fashion fads. The current collection comes in a range of appealing colours, from  a statement-making brick to a muted steel grey. You can also choose bib aprons for full coverage, or a chef's style apron for a professional look.

linen apron men

  • Linen is  perfect for those who are worried about climate change and keen to reduce our impact on the planet. It's a sustainable fabric that uses fewer resources to grow and process than other fabrics. And it biodegrades at the end of its life, meaning no added waste for landfill. You can upcycle old linen aprons when they do eventually wear out (which will be after many years if cared for properly) – for ideas try this article on how to repurpose vintage linens.
  • All our men's linen aprons come with spacious pockets. Perfect for housing spoons, tea towels, phones and tools while he works.

Show the man in your life how much you care by giving him a linen apron as a token of your appreciation. And if you're a man reading this and need some encouragement to treat yourself, hopefully this has convinced you that a linen apron is a great investment. Now there's no excuse for not whipping up an amazing gumbo, knocking out a few hand-carved wooden spoons or tending to your vegetable patch! Cover up and get creating.


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