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April 21, 2017

If the first thing you do when you get home from work is put on some comfy track pants and cosy socks, this post is for you. There is something lovely about shutting the door on your day, casting off any stresses and making time to relax. Whether you go all-out hygge or simply like to kick-back in slouchy favourites, loungewear can symbolise a time to unwind and put aside the rigours of everyday life for a moment. You might enjoy lazy weekend brunches, or snuggling under a blanket with a boxset and a cup of tea. Slowing down is important and, however you relax at home, the right clothes are crucial.

We believe that loungewear needn't mean old, shapeless leggings or your husband's college sweatshirt. It is possible to feel comfortable and relaxed in clothes that also look great, whether you are curling up on the sofa or pottering around the house. And linen is a great choice because it is so easy to care for, and has that lovely lived-in feeling that is the essence of loungewear. Here's a few suggestions if you are looking for linen clothes to relax in.

Linen pyjamas


Last year saw the lines between sleepwear and daywear blurring even further with tops and pants that closely resembled pyjamas on runways and in stores everywhere. These beautiful linen pyjamas look good enough to spend an evening in front of the TV in and still answer the door to a surprise visitor without embarrassment. We would probably draw the line at actually wearing them outside (on the school run, or to the corner shop, say), but only just. In softest pure linen these pyjamas will keep you cool and comfortable all through summer.

Linen djellaba


Perfect for throwing on when you've had enough of your work clothes or stiff jeans, the linen djellaba is a must-have loungewear piece. Based on a traditional North African design, the djellaba is loose but not baggy, elegant but not formal, and super comfy. It would look just as good worn over a swimsuit on the beach, or for informal drinks by the pool on vacation.

Linen gown


If you can't bring yourself to part with your trusty pair of track pants and faded tee, you could wrap up in one of these linen gowns for a more stylish look. Ideal for those who prefer skimpy nightwear (or just Chanel No.5, a la Marilyn!), a gown will keep you covered up and comfortable, whilst also looking chic.

Linen trousers

Soft and slubby, linen pants are just right for relaxing at home, but also look great for everyday wear. Easy to dress up, and just as easy unwinding with a good book and cup of hot chocolate, choose a shade that compliments other items in your wardrobe so you can wear them with everything.

And here's a few accessories and other things we couldn't resist, for maximum laid-back style and comfort:

This wool throw (because even summer evenings can get chilly)

This book for home design inspo, or this one for healthy eating deliciousness

A gorgeous stoneware coffee cup to cradle

Some stubby beeswax candles for proper a properly hyggeligt evening

These snuggly alpaca bed socks for happy feet


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