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February 7, 2020

With Valentine's Day coming up next week we thought we'd create a gift guide for linen lovers (and wool fans). Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple or will be spending it alone, treat yourself or your loved one to something lasting and meaningful. From linen bedsheets to a wear-with-anything linen scarf, there's something for everyone.

For her

valentine's gift ideas

1.A comfy linen nightdress

Forget frilly lingerie and chilly negligees. Instead, buy her a cute and cosy linen nightie to see her into Spring. We love our dusky pink Alma nightshirt, crafted from supersoft, supple pure linen and finished with adorable buttons.

2.A romantic linen back scrubber

Wrap up a linen back scrubber along with some luxurious body oil, and offer her a pampering session and relaxing back rub.

3.A practical linen apron

A linen apron makes the ideal gift for the practical woman in your life. Whether she's a keen gardener, a home baker, a potter or painter, this will keep her clothes clean as well as looking impeccably stylish. The perfect fusion of elegance and functionality. Because Valentine's gifts can be useful too.

4.Some luxurious pillow cases

A set of sumptuous linen pillow cases makes a lovely gift. What's more loving than ensuring that she gets a good night's sleep and feels cared for and nurtured? You could make up the bed and leave a playful pillow note on top.

5.A pretty table for Valentine's lunch

If you are spending lunch time together on Valentine's Day, buy some pretty linen placemats and lay the table with Spring flowers and a candle. Even if you've only got time for a sandwich, the gesture will mean a lot, and she gets some beautiful new table linens to keep for years.

For him

linen gifts valentines

1.A snuggly wool throw

Curl up under a warm wool throw on Valentine's evening, and give him a versatile gift he can use at home and outdoors. From camping trips to summer picnics, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

2.A set of handy linen towels

Whether he's a gym bunny, lane swimmer or loves long soaks in the tub, a set of soft linen huckaback towels is a great way to nurture the man in your life. In a wide range of colours to suit every taste and bathroom, these last for years and are highly absorbent. They are also far less heavy than traditional terry cotton towels, so he can sling one in a backpack and go about his day.

3.Linen napkins on a breakfast tray

Add a set of linen napkins and to a stylish breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day. From a cooked breakfast to a bowl of granola, choose something he loves and that will make him feel loved. Add a treat (we love these truffles) and the newspaper, and get his day off to a romantic start.

4.A revamped bed

Maybe you're deciding whether to move in together, or perhaps you're celebrating one in a long history of Valentine's Days – whatever stage your relationship is at, a bed made up with fresh, new, inviting linen sheets lets him know how much your relationship means. You can add candles to create a truly romantic space, or just hunker down together in the ultimate in comfortable bedlinen.

5.Create something homemade

If you're handy with a sewing machine, let him choose his favourite linen fabric and make him something. From a linen shirt if you really know what you're doing, to a simple tablecloth, a homemade gift comes full of love and effort. And linens last for years, so you know this isn't a gift that will be forgotten over time.

And if you're single or prefer not to celebrate Valentine's, maybe treat yourself to something lovely. It can be a hard day for many of us, but it can also be a time to practice self care and give yourself permission to nurture yourself or your home. For more on linen gifts go here and here.


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