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June 21, 2023


We love to draw inspiration from the natural world in our designs. For the latest addition to our range of linen bedding we've created a colour that embodies the green of the sea, the beauty of jade gemstones and the freshness of a tree in full leaf. Our Arctic linen bedding brings a bold new tone to our collection. And, going by the amazing reception at the Maison & Objet January 2023 and Ambiente 2023 shows, we think you'll love it too.

Introducing Arctic linen bedding

A new set of bedlinen is a simple way to transform your bedroom. Our Arctic colourway brings depth, warmth and a rich jewel tone to your space. Choose from plain, windowpane or check patterns - or mix them up for a bold, eye-catching style twist. You could also pair an Arctic linen duvet cover with pillowcases in a complementary shade, like Sea Foam or Mint ticking stripe.

Arctic White Check Washed Bed Linen Bed Set Arctic White Window Pane Washed Bed Linen Bed Set

White Arctic Window Pane Washed Bed Linen Bed Set White Arctic Check Washed Bed Linen Bed Set

Crafted from top quality European linen, our bedding is not only gorgeous to look at, it also feels super comfy against your skin. All our linen bedding is pre-washed separately and tumble dried for 30 minutes. This adds extra softness and means there's no additional shrinkage when you first wash it. As you'll know if you follow us here, linen as a fabric also has natural benefits that make it a perfect choice for bedding.

Here are the benefits at a glance:

  • Temperature regulating – linen helps your body maintain a comfortable temperature. So it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Without the overheating that can come from synthetic fibres.
  • Long-lasting – thanks to its inherent strength, linen is highly durable. Which means it keeps on looking beautiful and performing for years.
  • Easy to care for – all our linen homewares and clothing products are machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat.
  • Quick-drying – if you have surprise visitors and need to change your spare bed in a hurry, or you have young children and are dealing with the inevitable spills and mishaps, linen is your friend. It dries quickly and doesn't need ironing (we love its natural creases).
  • Moisture-wicking – linen draws moisture away from your skin and allows it to evaporate. So you can say goodbye to sweaty nights and hello to blissful sleep.

Going green in both ways!

The colour green is having a moment. From clothing to homewares, we're seeing it everywhere, in different shades and tones from emerald to palest pistachio. Why? Because it works with most other colours, adds vibrancy and warmth, and is timelessly stylish. We're also seeing a move away from the ubiquitous neutrals and white interiors, with people embracing a more maximalist approach. If that's not your thing, adding some colour with new bedding is a great way to nod to a trend without changing your whole more pared-back look.

Arctic White Window Pane Washed Bed Linen Duvet  Arctic White Window Pane Washed Bed Linen Pillow Case

Arctic White Check Washed Bed Linen Pillow Case  Arctic White Check Washed Bed Linen Duvet

White Arctic Window Pane Washed Bed Linen Duvet  White Arctic Window Pane Washed Bed Linen Pillow Case

White Arctic Check Washed Bed Linen Pillow Case  White Arctic Check Washed Bed Linen Duvet

Arctic Stone Washed Bed Linen Duvet  Arctic Stone Washed Bed Linen Pillow Case

Our Arctic linen bedding not only brings a welcome dash of brightness to your bedroom, it's also a more sustainable option than other fabrics. All our bedlinen is made to order, which reduces waste. We also use any offcuts to create linen tote or shopping bags. So nothing is left over or sent to landfill.

No-waste, sustainable bedding that's planet-friendly as well as elegant, comfortable and beautiful? We've got you covered!

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