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July 27, 2022

We've all seen the magazines full of the 'latest must-have' clothes or the 'hottest' interior design trends. And it's hard not to get sucked in to thinking you need to buy some new jeans with the cutting edge shape, or repaint your kitchen in the latest hue. But at LinenMe we're taking a stand against this fast fashion approach to clothing and home textiles.

The 'slow fashion' movement is growing momentum, and we're here for it! It's all about shifting away from thoughtless consumption and instead living more consciously and with integrity. Being more mindful about our consumption conserves natural resources, reduces waste and saves us money. What's not to love? 

What is mindful shopping?

It's really simple:

  • Don't buy more than you need.
  • Buy good quality products that will last.
  • Avoid impulse buys - leave it a couple of days and see if you're still as keen on the item.
  • Think about whether you're likely to want to wear that dress next year, or if you can live with those dark curtains once summer comes.
  • Ask yourself if there's a locally-produced product you can buy instead, or an independent brand you can support rather than the fashion giants.
  • Check brand websites to see what their sustainability policy is – have a strong radar for 'greenwashing'!
  • Buy second-hand if you can.
  • Remember – less is sometimes more

.sustainable shopping linenme

Our mindful shopping manifesto

  • We want to surround ourselves and our families with quality products that will last a long time, and that are sustainably produced.
  • We want to embrace slow living in whatever form is manageable for our lifestyles.
  • We want our homes to be organised, welcoming and uncluttered.
  • None of this, of course, necessarily involves buying more stuff. But we also want to experience the luxurious comfort of new linen bedlinen. To replace tatty cushions with ones we can be proud to plump. And to make little changes that nod to current trends and looks.

sustainable slow fashion

Rest assured when you buy from us

We used top quality linen fabric made from certified European flax. This is grown and produced with less water and chemicals than crops like cotton. Which means our products will last for years and offer a sustainable alternative to other fabrics. We use up offcuts and leftover fabric to minimise waste (read more about this here), creating handy pieces for your home that don't harm the planet. And because linen is naturally biodegradable, it won't end up in landfill for centuries either.

Explore our LinenUs range made from surplus fabric here, or read more about why linen is a sustainable fabric here.

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