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January 20, 2021

Spring is just around the corner, at last! We've noticed the birdsong is getting louder and the days longer, which means we're turning our attention to preparing for the outside joys of Spring and Summer. Sunshine, picnics, swimming, long evenings and outdoor dinners! These are small but precious moments, best enjoyed when shared with our friends and family. After a year when gatherings have been restricted, we're looking forward even more than usual to a time when we can have people round for dinner or a weekend brunch. Sharing food, stories and experiences is fundamental to living well and fully. We are optimistic that it won't be long before we can celebrate togetherness – and if it has to be outdoors, then all the better.

In this post we're harnessing this optimism and thinking about new table linen for all the al fresco meals we're planning. What better time to invest in some gorgeous new linen napkins, or a family-friendly linen tablecloth?

spring dining al fresco

Why linen table linen is best for outdoor eating

We at LinenMe love having mealtimes in the garden, on the balcony or a terrace. If there's space for a table and chairs, and the sun is shining, we'll take our food out. Eating outside is a feast for all the senses, making the whole experience more rich and pleasurable. As the saying goes, the first taste is with the eyes. Which means creating an appealing, inviting table setting actually improves how we experience the food we are eating. For truly beautiful, Insta-worthy table settings, opt for fresh linen. Every time.

Here's why Linen table textiles are the ideal choice for outdoors:

  • Easy to care for - Our table linen is all machine washable and can be tumble dried. So, it's perfect for everyday use. Don't save your linens for best – throw a simple linen tablecloth over an outside table for an instant style uplift. This means you don't need to worry about spills and stains.
  • Great looking - There's a reason why linen fabric features so often on the grids of the most prominent Instagrammers, food stylist photographs and lifestyle magazine spreads. It has a natural charm, with texture and crinkles that make it feel homely but always super stylish.
  • Natural and sustainable - If you're eating in Nature, it makes sense to use natural, sustainable materials. We constantly strive to reduce waste and make our production process as environmentally-friendly as possible. On top of this commitment, linen is naturally biodegradable and uses fewer resources to grow and manufacture.
  • Gets better with each wash - Pure linen gets softer with every wash, making it delightful against the skin and kind for sensitive hands and faces.

How to set a simple al fresco table

summer table linen napkins

To create a special yet unfussy table setting for an outdoor meal, a rustic, Provencal-style pure linen tablecloth is perfect. Add some linen runners or linen placemats for more polished look, or simply use runners and placemats alone for a less formal feel. Linen napkins are essential - machine wash them after use, enjoy their gentleness against your skin, and benefit from their super absorbency and stain repelling properties. We like to drape matching linen napkins over each plate for a pulled-together look.

We love fresh, clean neutrals for outside use too. Nothing says summer like a crisp white linen tablecloth over a garden table. Add a jar of freshly cut flowers, your favourite crockery and a large pitcher of liquid refreshment. Et voilà! An idyllic, stunning mealtime experience. Simple.

Here's to many outside meals with loved ones over the coming months.

For more ideas on eating outside and planning a picnic go here and here.

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