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November 16, 2011

With cooler weathers outside and more time spent inside some thoughts about one special place - bathroom - appeared. Let's discuss.

Linen Towels - LinenMe

What role does your bathroom take in your life? Is it a place for you to gather energy for a fresh day and relax after a hectic one? Is it a place to enjoy some moments on your own - maybe having a bath or going through some spa procedures? Or - maybe - it is a room you try to spend as little time as you can because it is not that beautiful and comfortable?

Let's admit - bathroom plays an important role in one's life. It's a place we start and end our days. A place we take care of some special persons - ourselves, our children. And yet often we neglect this room. It starts gathering different jars, bottles and tubes, clothes pile on the floor, lots of small personal things cover shelves and counters.

Linen Towels - LinenMe

You know what? Let's revive our bathrooms! We should like them! A bathroom should be a place where transition - from sleep to wake, from busy day to relaxed, from business to leisure - happens graciously, smoothly and joyfully.

After tidying and order making happens, let's add some texture and color - some style and coziness. And this is when gorgeous, colorful top quality linen towels become a necessity!

This time we present several new shades of our soft, highly-absorbent luxurious linen towels. Tangerine, orange, deep blue, citrine, silver, white, coral, French blue - these are the colors that add taste to your bathroom and become delight for your eyes as well as take gentle care of your body.

Choose your favorite color or make a set - there are linen bath towels and linen hand towels available.

And then - enjoy your time at this special place of yours - your bathroom!

By the way - linen towels are a luxurious, cozy and stylish Christmas gift. You still have time to place an order and receive them before Cristmas Eve!

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