Setting up Your Easter Table

With only a month left until one of our beloved holidays – Easter, our hearts fill up with joy. Easter Sunday is rich with tradition foods and celebrations so getting the table ready for serving boiled eggs and roast lamb with mint sauce is one of the most important things on Easter. Making your Easter table seem festive is a hard task, but we have come up with a few additions to your table that will make it look absolutely amazing.



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Linen Napkins for Easter Table

Nothing says sophisticated better than table napkins and we surely know that. Get the perfect ones’ for you from the great variety that has to offer. Salmon, pistachio and mist coloured ones, striped ones and just plain natural ones – you’ll easily find the ones that suit your table perfectly.

Linen Placemats for Easter Table

Another great accessory for your table – a linen placemat. These 100% linen hand woven stunning beauties come in various tasty shades and are very soft and nice to touch. On top of that it is really easy to take care of them – they are machine washable and can be dried in a dryer. A perfect lovely accessory to prevent your table from those accidental spills.

Linen Runners for Easter Table

These soft pure linen accents to your table are a great way to make your table seem more festive. In addition linen table runners from come in various solid shades such as iron, taupe, pistachio and even gold. Perfect for making your table look luxurious and classy.