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February 24, 2022

If you're looking to revamp your home for the coming warmer months, we've got just the range of linens for you. Nothing says 'Spring' quite like fresh golden tones and charming stripes. We've combined these in a just-launched collection of table linen, kitchen linen and bath linen that will brighten up your interior. From a new linen tablecloth or set of napkins to a supersoft linen bath towel, check out our cheerful, stylish linens as you step into Spring.

spring summer linen textiles   Linen runner striped indigo

Our new collection comes in three colourways: indigo, birch and gold, and in stripes of these shades with a cool white base tone. The gold adds warmth and brightness, while the indigo stripes have a vintage appeal and the birch works beautifully in minimalist interiors. See how you could use these gorgeous linens to give your home a fresh, happy vibe.

Table linen to make every meal feel special

table linen for spring   striped linen tablecloth

Choose one of these colourways to set your dining table for a stunning yet easy-to-achieve look. Try our Philippe table runner in gold - mix and match with other striped table linen for an informal setting with bags of Springtime beauty. Or for a more formal meal, go for our Tuscany tablecloth in indigo, with different sized stripes for visual interest and a lovely rustic, Mediterranean feel.

summer linen napkins   linen napkin melange

Pair a striped tablecloth from this collection with our single-tone Francesca linen napkins in gold, indigo and birch for a pulled-together, considered table setting that will make everyone feel welcome. Adding our multistripe placemats under your dishes can elevate even a laid-back breakfast into a special occasion.

linen table placemat     blue striped linen placemta

All our table linen is machine washable and highly durable, so it's easy to care for as well as great-looking.

Kitchen linens that work hard and look beautiful

kitchen linen for spring 08675

Turn doing the dishes into something pleasurable rather than a chore with our new striped kitchen linens. Try our fine-striped Brittany tea towels in gold for a splash of sunshine at the sink, or mix things up with some Francesca indigo tea towels and wide-striped Philippe tea towels in gold/white for a truly stunning partnership.

linen basket for food    food storage

For clutter-free cupboards and polished-looking pantries, choose our linen baskets. They're perfect for storing all those kitchen essentials you'd rather keep out of sight, and for presenting food at the table. Designed with a white base colour and patterned fold at the top, they're a stylish addition to any kitchen, whether you need somewhere to store your fresh eggs or you're serving bread at a meal. They are so versatile you'll wonder how you managed without them.

Bath towels for beach, bathroom and so much more!

linen bath towel set  BeachTowel_Indigo_

If you're dreaming about summer beach swims and lazing by the pool, our linen bath towels in this new collection make the perfect companion. Lightweight enough to pack in your bag yet highly absorbent, they'll keep you dry in style. Thanks to linen's natural moisture-wicking properties they soak up water quicker than other fabrics, and they also release it more quickly back into the air. So you're not stuck with a soggy, water-logged towel as you head home.

And when you're at home you can capture the summer sun all year round with our Francesca bath towel in gold. For stripe-lovers there's our indigo Philippe towel, and Brittany towel in gold or indigo. You can also use the smaller hand towels as tea towels - they're tough enough for everyday dish drying and soft enough to wrap your youngest loved ones in after a bubble bath.

And there's more...

Head over this way to discover curtains and cushions in these beautiful new colours too, so every room can feel like a breath of fresh Spring air.

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