How to Style your Linen Button-up Shirt

Few pieces of clothing in your wardrobe will work as hard and look as effortlessly stylish as a linen button up shirt. The perfect balance between relaxed and polished, a linen shirt is a must -have, whether you keep a minimalist wardrobe of limited core pieces, or have cupboards crammed with clothes. This is something you can reach for when you’re in a hurry, when you’ve got better things to do than worry about what to wear, but when you also want to look good. This is surely the ultimate goal for any item of clothing: minimal fuss, maximum style.

So, here are some ideas on how to style your linen button up shirt that will see you from home to office, via a social occasion or two.

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With overalls

We are huge fans of overalls, but some people are wary of them for fear of resembling a 1980s children’s TV presenter. To avoid this unfortunate look, team your overalls with a linen shirt. This will instantly look more grown-up and considered, whilst still retaining the charm and comfort of your trusty overalls. Do the buttons up right to the top, or leave the shirt looser to vary the look. Wear with Converse or clogs.

For winter

Linen is traditionally seen as a summer fabric due to its cool feel and breezy simplicity. But a linen button up shirt also makes an ideal winter garment. Layer under a chunky sweater for those really cold days, or wear over the top of a turtleneck jersey for Fall. Again, you can vary how you do up the buttons to keep the look fresh. Choose a simple colour for the shirt and pair with mustard, navy, grey or black woolly sweaters for a pulled-together look.

A night out

For a smart but effortless look, wear your linen shirt tucked into some high waisted navy or black trousers. Channel Diane Keaton and Katharine Hepburn, with wide-leg pants and a smaller fit shirt, buttoned up and paired with a neat cardigan or a blazer for a slick finish.

On the beach

Remember those cute women in movies who get out of bed and throw on their boyfriend’s oversized shirt to make coffee? Replicate this casual adorableness by taking a loose linen shirt to the beach and pulling it over your swimsuit if you need to cover up. Or wear with some cute skinny fit shorts. The natural moisture wicking properties of linen will stop you feeling sweaty, and the billowy nature of the fabric means your shirt won’t stick to you. Linen will also offer some protection against harmful UV rays.

linen shirt beach

For work

Tuck a striped linen shirt into a simple pencil skirt for a polished unstuffy look. A wider, more flowing top works really well in contrast to a tighter fitting skirt, so play with the silhouette created by different fabrics. Try linen on top, with a cotton (or even leather) wiggle skirt. Or wear a flowy linen shirt with an asymmetric-hemmed longer skirt. Linen is a great choice for stuffy offices or stressful working environments as it helps regulate your body temperature, meaning you can stay cool at work and warm on the way home.

For everyday

linen button up shirt - LinenMe

For the perfect easy, everyday look wear your linen button up with your favourite pair of jeans. Tuck the front of the shirt in for a laid-back look, or tie at the front for an individual kind of style. Perfect with skinny jeans, high-waisted mom jeans and comfy boyfriend jeans, the linen shirt/denim combo is always a winner, whether you are doing the school run, meeting girlfriends for coffee or cozying up at home with a book.

What’s your favourite way to wear a linen shirt?


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