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June 2, 2023

With summer just around the corner we're packing away our woollies and getting ready for the sun. Whether you're heading off on vacation or putting together a summer capsule wardrobe, we've got everything you need for a stylish summer. And today we're spotlighting four summer wardrobe heroes that will keep you feeling cool and comfortable and looking effortlessly elegant.

summer linen essentials

Why choose linen for summer?

Whilst linen is a brilliant all-year round fabric it really comes into its own in summer. Thanks to its natural temperature-regulating properties you will stay cool and not overheat, unlike when you wear other fabrics. Its high moisture absorbency means it wicks away sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate off again. Linen is also great for vacations as its inherent creases and crinkles mean you can embrace the no-iron look.

Linen beach towels - pack one, get multiple uses!

A linen beach towel is not just a non-bulky, highly absorbent essential for drying off, you can also use it for tons of other things. Need a cover-up? No problem, wear our lightweight and soft linen towel as a sarong. Or use it as an impromptu picnic rug. And our linen towels make perfect bath towels too, so they'll keep on working hard in all seasons.
Say goodbye to heavy, unwieldy cotton towels and pack light for a beach trip. When you get home just rinse and hang to dry, and your linen beach towel will be ready to go again next day.

Beach Towels
Linen Beach Towel Tuscany Marine Blue  Linen Beach Towel Tuscany Blue
Linen Beach Towel Philippe Yellow  Linen Beach Towel Multistripe Rosa

The ultimate summer tote - a linen beach bag

For a hardworking bag that's as at home by the ocean as it is hitting the shops, a linen beach bag is your friend. Throw in your swim stuff, sunscreen and water bottle, and you'll still have space for a book or snacks. For shopping trips, our linen beach bags will safely stash your farmer's market haul or new clothes, and you can fold them away when you're not using them.
Like all our top quality linen, these bags are machine washable so it's easy to keep them looking beautiful and clean, wherever your day takes you.

LinenMe beach bag
Aqua Foam Linen Beach Bag Philippe  Brittany_BeachBag_AquaFoam_2500x2500

Summer style - it's a wrap!

Although summer sees hot days for many of us, there are often cooler evenings and grey days in the mix. Make sure you're prepared for any weather with a gorgeous scarf or shawl, like our Garza linen scarves. Drape one over your vest or sundress for evening drinks al fresco, or tie as a light summer scarf for a pop of colour and softness.

Taupe Linen Shawl Garza Fringe  White Linen Shawl Garza Fringe

Ice Blue Linen Shawl Garza Fringe  Moss Green Linen Shawl Garza Fringe

Your must-ave, go-to, wear-anywhere summer linen tunic

Some pieces of clothing deserve all the gushing praise. Meet our Noa linen tunic, hands down the most perfect dress for summer. With a comfortable, flattering, flowy silhouette it brings an understated chic to your outfit, whether you're exploring on a city break, heading into the boardroom, relaxing at home or strolling through the countryside.

Blue Pinstripe Linen Tunic Noa Pink Pinstripe Linen Tunic Noa
Large Stripe Navy Linen Tunic Dress Noa Large Stripe Light Blue Linen Tunic Dress Noa

Choose from six colours and two patterns, large and pinstripe, so you can find the ideal match for your taste. Pair your linen tunic with your favourite sandals and a floppy hat for a breezy look, or layer up with a jacket and scarf when the weather turns

With these four hardworking, easy to care pieces you can bring some effortless cool to your summertime. At LinenMe we're all about durable, sustainable fashion and homewares that will last for years. So, we hope you enjoy many more summers to come with our linen products.

Get some more summer inspiration here. And what's in your summer essential bag?




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