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July 29, 2022

Climate change should be uppermost on the agendas of world leaders and businesses. It's clear we need wide-reaching systemic change to limit temperature increases. But there are also things we can do as individuals to help protect the planet. As a company we're aiming for zero waste in our linen textiles production process. We also use green energy. And because linen is naturally biodegradable as well as very durable, it's a brilliant sustainable fabric too.

Here are some easy things we can all do to help the planet too.

planet football on grass sustainability

Conserve water

  • Fix leaks in pipes and taps in your home
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Don't overwater - or even water - lawns
  • Choose drought-resistant plants
  • Choose plants with deep roots
  • Recycle waste water
  • Pressure water companies to fix wasteful leaks in their systems

water tap dripping outdoors

Shop mindfully

  • Buy less but buy better - high quality items will last longer and create less waste
  • Forget 'fast fashion' fads. Instead, buy things that have a timeless style and will work with your decor and wardrobe for the future
  • Buy from brands who take sustainability seriously
  • Choose natural fabrics, like linen, that biodegrade and don't require lots of resources to grow

linen shopping bags hanging up

Make our homes greener

  • Insulate as much as possible
  • Use energy from renewable sources
  • Install solar panels if you can
  • Save energy in the home - use a Smart meter to monitor usage and find ways to cut back
  • Use natural fabrics, and ocean and river-friendly cleaning products and toiletries
  • Use less plastic
  • Cut back on waste food

With these simple steps we can all do our bit for a more sustainable way of life, whilst also campaigning for political, structural and geopolitical solutions to climate change. By shopping with us you're buying a beautiful, sustainable product from a family-run business committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Thank you!

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