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April 21, 2015

When facing a fashion emergency, most women can rely on the help and opinions of their friends, family, internet advice or even stylists. But there is one dilemma that bothers every modern women and it seems to never go away – the choice between linen trousers and skirts.

Some women prefer wearing pants, since they find them more comfortable, while others wear skirts most of the time since they are considered more feminine. Today we will give you some advice on choosing skirts and trousers for many occasions and help you solve the dilemma of the century.

When you are getting ready for a usual day at the office, you should remember, that each workplace prefers a different dress code. While some places, like creative advertising agencies and etc. allow their employees to wear jeans to work, in others institutions, for instance state authorities, it is clearly forbidden. No matter where you work at, there are several choices that can suit the taste of many women. Here are a few examples:

Linen Trousers - LinenMe

If you have planned a casual day at the park or a walk at the mall, you should probably consider comfort as the most important aspect. Although pants are considered a comfortable choice of clothing, some women feel even more comfortable wearing a skirt or a dress. To help you choose we have selected a few examples of linen clothing that can be suitable for a casual weekend:

Linen Skirts - LinenMe

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