What’s New in Interiors for 2018?

With the New Year comes a flurry of trend forecasting about the latest looks and what’s no longer hot in interiors. Whilst we don’t advocate a ‘fast fashion’ attitude to interiors and we all know that changing home decor is a major task, we do like to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new. It means we can develop beautiful new product ranges and colours, while also keeping the beloved staples that make up our key products. It’s not about change for change’s sake.

There has been a gradual and welcome shift away from thoughtless consumption and towards living more consciously and with integrity. We want to surround ourselves and our families with quality products that will last a long time, and that are sustainably produced. We want to embrace slow living in whatever form is manageable for our lifestyles. And we want our homes to be organised, welcoming and uncluttered. None of this, of course, necessarily involves buying more stuff. But we also want to experience the luxurious comfort of new linen bedlinen, to replace tatty cushions with ones we can be proud to plump and to make little changes that nod to current trends and looks.

So, if you are looking for ways to update your home on a small, simple scale, here are 6 key trends for interiors in 2018:

1.The 1970s are back!

Ah, there is so much we loved about the 1970s aesthetic, despite some of the more unfortunate, over-the-top aspects of the era. And for 2018 we will see the best elements of ’70s glam begin to replace our long-standing love affair with Mid Century Modern style. Yes, dare we say it, this much-loved but much-done look may be coming to an end. Of course, you don’t need to get rid of your sleek mid century sideboard, or replace your Ercol dining table, but you could incorporate accents from this new trend. This tan/green/dusky mauve combo below from Jackie in Helsinki is super stylish.

1970s interior design trend in 2018

2.Hot new colours

There is a growing momentum away from the Scandi-inspired all-white interiors that have been all over Instagram and Pinterest for the past few years. Instead of white painted floorboards expect to see more herringbone parquet and warmer wood floors. For walls we think soft sage tones (like our balsam linen throw, below), heathery purples and peach shades will be popular, offering more warmth and a bit less constant re-touching.

Furniture and accessories, like curtains, cushions, sofas and chairs will reflect the ’70s vibe in coral, brown, turquoise, mustard, lilac or burnt orange hues. Expect to see more terracotta too.

Interiors - sage green linen throw - LinenMe


There is a shift towards luxurious textures in the home, whilst natural fabrics will remain essential as part of the move towards a more mindful way of consuming.

Think terrazzo instead of marble, plush velvets and slick leather. Linen will always be popular, thanks to its durability, versatility and easiness. There is nothing faddy about linen, so any new linen textiles you invest in will stay current and keep on looking better the more you use and wash them. We love the contrast when linen is paired with velvet or silk in layers on the bed, or happily mismatched piles of cushions.

4.Spa bathrooms

As we showed in our feature last week, now is the time to spruce up your bathroom. We all want to feel like our bathroom is not just an overlooked room in the house, and this year the trend for ‘spa bathrooms’ will continue to grow.

This means top quality towels, linen spa accessories, plenty of greenery, candles and indulgent bath products that help us unwind and slow down.

5.New metallics

We think that copper might have been rather overdone. Whilst it still looks great, if you are thinking of bringing some metallic shimmer into your home in 2018 we would recommend going for gold. Timelessly classy if done well (go light on the bling) gold can look amazing in small accents, like gold-rimmed mirrors. Bronze and polished nickel will also bring some new year glamour to any room.

gold interior trend 2018

6.Pattern plants

Our love for indoor greenery continues. Rather than dinky succulents we are now hunting for plants with markings and patterns that add some textural interest as well as architectural shape. Think tropical plants with contrasting tones in the leaves, or ferns with delicate fronds for a fresh, bold look.

pattern plant interior trend

Whether you are looking for a few new pieces to freshen up your interior decor for 2018 or are wholeheartedly embracing a shift in style, this should have you covered.

For more inspiration on colours and home decorating with linen go here and here.


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