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February 12, 2011

I hope you enjoy the ending of this dreadful winter as much as I do! It's time for a change already, don't you think?

As we regularly write posts in this blog, share our achievements and dream of our future plans, sometimes we receive feedback from you, and sometimes - questions. I've got some emails from my customers asking "When does your Big Winter Sale start?", so I thought it is my duty of an owner to drop you a note with my thoughts on this.

There wasn't any Winter Sale on LinenMe, as you might noticed by yourselves, and there won't be Spring, Summer or Autumn Sale.

Why? Here is what we think:
1. LinenMe doesn't want to be another company inflating its prices first and then spending a lot on fancy marketing to shout how generous their "Best Ever Sale" discounts are.

2. LinenMe is committed to offer you highest quality luxury linen at affordable price every day, so you could buy it when you need it, without wasting time for "hunting".

3. In fact I'm confident that value offered by LinenMe every day is better than the one offered during "Big Sales" at my competitors. The key reasons for my confidence are: 1) my family owns a manufacturing unit in Lithuania, we can control the quality ourselves; 2) my own expertise in textiles design; 3) items delivered straight to you via most efficient trade channel - online. I'm ready for your challenges here :-)!

4. And last, but not least. Don't hesitate to approach me with your bespoke requests on your table linen, bed linen or bathroom linen projects. Let's together create beautiful atmosphere at your home with the help of linen magic!

Warm wishes,
Inga Lukauskiene
The Owner and Chief Designer of LinenMe

LinenMe Bathroom Towels

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