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Black Striped Linen Towels Set Provence
Black Striped Linen Towels Set Provence

Black Striped Linen Towels Set Provence

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A set of Provence bath towels is an investment. It’s an investment in your skin, thanks to the pre-washed supersoftness. It’s an investment in the future, thanks to the durability of the 100% pure huckaback linen. And it’s an investment in a timeless style, as the classic natural/black stripe will never go out of fashion. Compliment with others in our Chevron and Multistripe collections.

  • 2 Big Towels and 2 hand towels
  • 100% linen, machine washing
  • Made in Lithuania
  • Set includes 2BT 100x135cm & 2HT 47x70cm
  • Prewashed


European Flax

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When properly looked after, our linen homewares will keep on looking beautiful and performing brilliantly for years. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your linen product:


- Machine wash up to 40 C – don’t use higher temperatures as these can damage the fabric’s fibres, causing wear and shrinkage
- Wash linen items separately from other fabrics
- Separate white, dark and coloured linens
- Use the gentle cycle and don’t overload your machine – ensuring garments have sufficient space means they can rinse and dry properly
- Never use bleach

Drying and storing

- Tumble dry on a low heat or gentle setting
- If ironing, steam rather than simply hot pressing
- Make sure linen items are completely dry before putting away
- Store somewhere dry (preferably in linen bags)



Total class!

I ordered the black linen striped Provence towel set for our bathroom. I’ve never been disappointed with linenme products but I have to say that these are even more special than I expected. The colourway is fabulous and they are that wonderful mix of class, sophistication and relaxed living that only high quality linen can achieve. I’m now thinking about another set for the kitchen !
Highly recommend.


The perfect towel set

We recently moved to Okinawa, Japan and each wanted to get a 100% linen towels that dry quickly because the humidity out here is otherworldly. We also wanted something that will last through the years. These towels (we got 3 sets, for 6 of each size total), were worth the splurge. They are absolutely gorgeous, the colors/dye are stunning, I love how they look hanging around the house. They're the best shower towels I've ever had. Big enough to almost be a beach towel or a blanket. Dried me off well, and they hang dried MUCH faster than any other towel I've owned. They are luxury, now just hope that they last forever.


Black Striped Linen Towel Set

These are my first sets of linen towels, I was very pleased with them, the dried off very nicely and and feel very sturdy. I will be ordering some more and getting rid of my cotton bath and kitchen towel. I will also try some linen bed sheets soon.