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June 8, 2012

The summer starts with a new collection of linen clothes from LinenMe! Since year 2010, when we started selling linen clothes, our linen dresses, tunics, blouses etc. continue to be a big hit. So this year we have expanded our assortment and launched some new pieces of clothing. And also new colors!

The designs of all linen clothes are created by Inga Lukauskiene - the owner and chief designer of LinenMe, who is a graduate from London's KLC School of Design. All dresses, trousers, tunics etc are designed to be comfortable and yet elegant. The qualities of pure linen fabric (breathability, abilities to absorb moisture instantly and dry quickly, light weight etc) make them irreplaceable during warm seasons.

linen dress

New collection includes an elegant Daniela dress that suits both for office and leisure time, a gorgeous original Marta jumper, stylish linen trousers, romantic Daniela skirt, classic linen shirts, comfortable Alma clam diggers and Marta tunic-dress - a versatile piece of clothing for relaxed summer.

linen shirts

Mix and match these items with other linen clothes from LinenMe shop to create your own original style. For a complete look choose a lightweight linen scarf Garza or even some of them - the colors are gorgeous (e.g. Lime Green, Coral, Dark Raspberry, Cobalt) and your clothes will look different each time you wrap a different linen scarf around your neck.


Some excellent uses for linen. A lot of people don't realize the quality in clothes that they can get from this fabric.

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