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July 21, 2016

Part of the beauty of summer is the pleasure of eating and relaxing al fresco. Whether picnicking on the lawn, hosting a BBQ or having friends round for cocktails on the patio, here are our 5 must-haves to make your outdoor space look and feel delightful.

1. Cushions

Some soft, stylish cushions can bring a bit of indoor comfort to the outdoors. Scatter a few around your benches and chairs, or lay a blanket on the grass and dot with cushions for comfy reclining. Use pops of colours as accents, or stick to a neutral palette and match with your table linen.

Outdoor Space - Cushions

2. Flowers and plants

There's nothing more lovely than a handful of fresh garden flowers. Unfussy, casual arrangements are on trend, so if you have flowers growing simply cut a good selection plus some greenery and place in a jar or simple vase. Add some herbs for fragrance if you have some. If not, buy some cheaper blooms from a supermarket or deli and arrange by type in individual containers (more here on arranging thrifty florals).

For a more permanent display, pots of succulents look fabulous and don't take up too much table space, and a simple pot of lavender smells amazing. If you've got a special occasion coming up and want your garden to look stunning, think well ahead about a planting scheme and you can grow exactly the flowers you want for the look you are after.

Outdoor Space - Flowers

3. Lighting

Clusters of candles in jars always look inviting,  but think about novel ways to display them, like nestling them inside a pot planted with soft greenery or alyssum as a centrepiece. If you want something more long-lasting rig up some festoon lighting strings to create the perfect ambience.

Outdoor Space - Lights

4. Tableware

Whether you like matching crockery or prefer an eclectic mix of styles, your tableware can pull together the look and feel of your outside space. If you are tired of your current tableware, use the summer as an excuse to revamp your crockery cupboard. From a cup of coffee on the back step to a full-blown garden party, select your tableware for maximum touchability and aesthetic pleasure. We love these indigo drop mugs, this stunning cheeseboard and these gorgeous porcelain plates.

5. Table linen

The small details are what makes a space truly delightful. Pay attention to things like table linen and you will love the results. Our tablecloths and runners will add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor dining space. Napkins need not be solely for special occasions either - whether they match your tablecloth or come in contrasting colours, they will make a table look nicely prepared without being too formal. Linen is especially good for this as it has none of the starchy formality of some fabrics. Lay them half on half off the table for an interesting, stylish look (see below).

outdoor space - linen table

Let's just hope the weather is kind enough to let us properly relish our summer outdoors...

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