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December 2, 2008

LinenMe Project

A snapshot of Inga’s final assignment

This November ended on a lovely note - Inga Lukauskiene, the owner of LinenMe and the main creative designer of most linen products, was awarded a Certificate in Interior Decoration at world renowned KLC School of Design.

The school provides professional training in interior decoration and is highly respected among the key players within the industry. Inga managed to juggle three aspects of her busy life – home decoration studies, running the business and looking after her two beautiful children – and now is a proud graduate of KLC.

She has received professional training in style, arrangement and decoration of surfaces within any given space, generally domestic, as well as gained knowledge in furniture layouts, colour schemes, soft furnishings, window treatments and accessories.



Congratulation Inga!!
I hope you have a wonderful time ahead!

Greetings from Norway,

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