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July 8, 2016

We don't all have the bucks to spend on lavish spa treatments, so here are 10 effective, beautiful ways to create a dreamy bathroom spa at home. Luxury needn't be an indulgence, it can be part of your everyday with these simple ideas to transform your bathroom.


Linen waffle towels - LinenMe

The quickest way to improve the feel of your bathroom is to invest in some new towels. We love the lightweight, highly absorbent, top quality feel of our linen towels. Roll them and store in full view in a pretty basket, or hang from a towel warmer for that instant hit of heat when you step out of the bath.

2.Bath products

Go for cheap and cheerful shower products, but splurge on good quality bath soaks and bubbles. You can decant these into matching bottles (these amber ones look super stylish) and display them with pride. If you are feeling thrifty and want an amazing homemade bath soak, simply mix 2 cups epsom salts, 1/2 cup baking soda and 30 drops of lavender oil (you can play with the recipe and add a few drops of peppermint or bergamot too). Store in a pretty jar and let the healing powers of these magnesium-rich salts soothe away your aches and pains.

3. Candles

There is nothing quite like the soft, warming light of a candle to bring instant calm and magic to a room. For added luxury, stock up on a few scented candles for a gently fragrant atmosphere. We love natural candles like these, but shop around to find your favourite. Drop hints to friends and family to ensure you get some as presents if they feel too spendy to buy for yourself.

4. Replace your shower head

If you've experienced the bliss of a really good hotel shower only to despair at the measly trickle emanating from your home shower, simply replace your old showerhead with a rainfall head. They don't need to be expensive (these are less than $25 and look great) and will bring some hotel-style happiness to your daily wash.

5. Get green fingers

Well ok, not actual green fingers, but adding some plants to your bathroom will brighten the feel of the room. Plants like ferns, succulents and even herbs work brilliantly, and you can pot them into quirky containers or sleek, minimalist pots depending on your taste.

6. Ditch your old shower curtain

Linen Curtains

Chuck out a grotty old shower curtain and upgrade your drape. If your bathroom is on the small side, a clear shower curtain can add a perception of space. You could also make your own from some good quality linen backed onto a waterproof or clear liner. We love these gorgeous, ethically produced designs from Quiet Town.

7. Mirror mirror on the wall

If you're tired of looking at your reflection in a too-small or unattractive mirror, invest in a new one and see how it can transform your bathroom. A mirror brings light and a sense of depth and space into a room, so make a feature of it. This Scandi-style one from Ikea is bang on the money.

8. Bath mat

Stepping out of a luxurious bath onto a thin, soggy bath mat defeats the whole point. Instead, hunt around for something that works with your colour scheme and has enough plump softness to feel like you are stepping onto a cloud. If you want something different, try these River Stone mats made from river-softened pebbles - a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

9. Tub caddy


If you like to read, sip a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea, or indulge in some treatments for your skin whilst in the bath, a tub caddy will change your life. No more soggy books or having to balance exfoliators on the side of the bath. A wooden caddy is a stunningly simple and practical way to pep up your bathroom. This one pictured is from Peg and Awl here, but you could always make your own if you are a bit handy.

10. Guest essentials


Keep a set of face cloths and toothbrushes ready for unexpected (or forgetful) visitors. These uber cute bamboo brushes would look great nestled in a pretty container (they even have 'guest' written on them!), and our sumptuous guest towels will leave your guests in doubt about the hospitality they have received. A bathroom is also the only room a visitor will spend time alone, which is even more reason to make yours look special.

Here's to hours of happy soaking!

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