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October 26, 2018

This week on 5 Good Things we are so excited to be joined by Bina from StryleTZ. Bina is known for her gorgeous style, blending a minimalist look with a real love of great quality pieces. She also has a strong belief in the need for ethical consumption and fair trade. Following a vegan, sustainable lifestyle is important to Bina, and her blog is full of insights and inspiration if you are interested in changing your habits or looking for style ideas. For Bina what's important is passing on a healthy world for her daughter, and for all our children. She doesn't see sustainability and style as mutually exclusive, and wants to show her readers that there's another, less damaging, form of consumption. You can see why we thought she would be a great fit for our blog!

ethical fashion linen clothes - Bina from StryleTZ

Pour yourself a coffee and settle in to hear about which household items have enriched Bina's life, why she loves linen bedlinen and what she does to relax.

Here are Bina's 5 Good Things:


linen bedlinen slow living
The quality of a product has a big impact on its sustainability. The better the material, the more durable it is, which means we don't need to replace it too quickly. In my 5 Good Things I want to tell you about which products have enriched my everyday life. When it comes to materials, I pay attention not only to the look but also to the quality.
In my house I try to use natural materials wherever possible, things that are non-toxic and don't require pollutants in their production, yet are still robust. With a nearly two year-old child and three animals, all household objects have to pass this strict test. I'm in love right now with linen sheets. This year we had a short break on the Baltic Sea, staying in a beautiful hotel where I slept in linen sheets for the first time. Since then, I have been persuading my husband that we also need some for our home. The material is just right for our family's needs, and even if it is slightly rumpled from romping it retains its irresistible charm. Apart from the fact that I think the look is just fantastic. It takes me back to the feeling of our vacation home.


For me, clothing must be one thing above all else: produced as far as possible without suffering. As someone with experience of the fashion world I've learned that, unfortunately, it's a very exploitative industry. I studied fashion design and worked in the industry for several years. Through this behind-the-scenes insight, I decided that if possible I only wanted to consume fashion without suffering. Ideally that means vegan, sustainable and fair. Meanwhile, there are - thank goodness - also many beautiful alternatives in the sustainable fashion sector. My love for designer clothes is still there. This season, my fashion heart beat for Sock sneakers, and I found a sustainable and vegan version by Stella McCartney.


linen bathrobe travel essential
My favorite holiday companion this year has been a bathrobe! When I think back to our last trips, of course, I first think of beautiful swimwear. But after that, a completely different item has become irreplaceable on my travels: my white kimono-style linen robe. It's just super handy to throw on in the morning, after swimming, relaxing or for a slow, relaxing breakfast. On holiday this year I used this robe so often. It's not just useful, I also think it's super stylish, and could almost double as a wrap dress. I rediscovered my love for dressing gowns this year.


If I want to relax, only one thing really helps: a yoga session. Yoga doesn't need a lot of equipment, but a good mat makes all the difference. I tried out a cork mat this year and love this natural and non-slip material. It looks fabulous, and will last for ages, which also appeals to me. In fact, my husband liked the mat so much that I bought him the same model for his birthday. Now we often do yoga together in the evening. For me an evening without a short session is only half as relaxing. Even just ten minutes of yoga can change my mood.


When it comes to inspiration, I am a very visual person. I like to collect pictures, mostly online. Platforms like Pinterest help me to create boards on different topics. Whether fashion or interior, here I can always check what add or remove something. When it comes to my creative work, that's my absolute favorite tool. Sometimes I write down certain things. For example, different combinations for my outfit posts. I still do that in a pretty old-school way in a notebook.

Thanks so much Bina, it's been wonderful to hear about your 5 Good Things! And we are totally with you on the linen bedlinen front. Linen sheets and duvet covers are indispensable.

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