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February 17, 2017

The guest room is often a sad, neglected space that can become a repository for junk and clutter. Yes, there may be a bed in there, which yes, technically a guest could sleep on, but is your guest room an inviting space? If you have one of these boring, forgotten rooms begging for a refresh, read on. We know you may not want to spend a lot of money on this room as it will be used less than the rest of the house, but with some simple tips you can breathe life into your spare room without breaking the bank. Here's how to makeover your guest room in 6 easy steps.


It's tempting to see a guest room as just another storage space, but if you are serious about wanting guests to feel welcome and special, it's time to declutter. You will only really need one chest of drawers or wardrobe, so resist the temptation to add more. Limit furniture to a bed, bedside table with lamp, chest of drawers and possibly a chair for your guests to curl up on with a book. Add a candle or some flowers to make the room feel super-homely, but don't get carried away. If your guest room is also used as a home-office or study, try to keep the work-related items in one contained area. Choose a good-looking chair (we love this one) rather than a corporate-style one, and soften the area with some plants or a picture to draw the eye away. This example below shows how it can be done.

Guest Room Spruce-up

2. Position your furniture cleverly

In a small room it might seem a good idea to wedge the bed up against a wall, but in fact this just makes a room seem poky and cramped. Instead, place the bed in the centre of the room, freeing up space either side for flowing movement around the room and for a couple of small bedside tables. Don't put more than one piece of furniture against the same wall as this can also close down a space. For a larger space, think about using a rug to create a focal point and draw the eye to the centre of the room.

3. Include one vintage or personal piece

Make sure your guest room has character. Add one vintage piece or something that expresses your personality. This could be a picture, crystal decanter and glasses, a vintage vase or a quirky bedside table, like this re-purposed apple crate below (image via

Guest Room Spruce-up

4. New bedlinen

The bed is the centrepiece of the room so make sure it's properly dressed. Splash out on new bedlinen, and choose natural fabrics that will keep your guests comfortable in summer and winter. You can add wool throws and sheepskins for texture and cozying up on chilly evenings. Play with different tones and textures to add interest to the room, especially if you are using a neutral colour scheme. Cool doesn't have to mean cold. Our Rosa bedlinen is perfect for Spring and will add a gentle dusky pink warmth to the room. All our stonewashed pure linen duvet covers and bed sheets are made to last a lifetime, so you won't need to keep replacing them.

Rosa bed linen - LinenMe

5. Curtains

If your ceiling is low, create the illusion of more height by re-hanging your curtain pole to just 3 inches below the ceiling. This elongates the window and makes a room seem more spacious. Choose light-coloured curtains in natural fabrics to create a calm, restful atmosphere that will help your visitors get a good night's sleep.

6. Add a headboard

If your bed is a simple divan, creating a headboard can add definition and make the room feel more finished. You can get them made up in your choice of fabrics, or even build your own, which will again add texture and tone to the room.

Now you've got your spare room sorted, why not treat your guests to a luscious breakfast in bed (ideas here)? If you need help getting a good night's sleep, we can help. And for more ideas on decorating your home with linen, go here and here.


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