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June 16, 2017

If you find yourself scrabbling around on your way out of the house hunting for sunscreen and water bottles, this post is for you. Why not keep a dedicated bag near your front door that contains all your basic summer essentials? That way all you need to do is throw in anything specific you might need, like swimsuits or a book, and you are good to go. Our pure linen tote bags are ideal: they are roomy but lightweight (which makes them easy and comfortable to carry) and come in a range of gorgeous colours that will compliment any summer outfit. Keep one of these beauties to hand and you will be ready for adventure whenever the inspiration strikes. Here's to spontaneity and preparedness, in equal measures!

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What to keep in your summer essentials bag?


There is a huge range of sunscreens available, from creams for sensitive skins to mineral-based sunscreens, as well as eco-friendly brands. Read up and make sure you choose the right one for you and your family, and once you've found one that works keep a bottle or canister in your summer bag at all times. That way you know you will be sunburn-free and skin-safe wherever you end up.

2. Linen towel

A lightweight linen towel is the ideal all-rounder for summer as you can use it as an impromptu picnic rug as well as for drying off. Linen is highly absorbent and dries really quickly too, so you needn't worry about lugging a soggy towel around: simply wring out and hang in the sun or fresh air for a bit. Our linen beach towels are great for carrying with you as they don't take up nearly as much room as a bulky terry towel.

3. Water bottle

Keep an empty, good-sized water bottle in your bag and just fill up as you go. If you are going on a serious hike or there are lots of people one bottle will not be enough, but knowing you always have at least one bottle of water gives you more freedom to just take off.

4. Lip balm with SPF

A decent lip balm with SPF will keep you, and your family, comfortable in the heat. Sore, dry lips are no fun, so keeping a lip balm in your bag will remove the worry of chapping or burning. All the better for licking delicious ice creams, no?


5. Plasters/ Band aids

A small box of band aids is invaluable. Whether covering a blister, soothing a sting or hiding a cut, a plaster or band aid will make you feel instantly better. If you need further medical attention these can also buy you a bit of time until you get there.

6. Wipes

If you have young children you will probably already have some wet wipes with you, but keeping a pack in your summer bag will mean you can clean up after a picnic, wipe off excess suncream, deal with spills and clean your hands if you are eating al fresco. If you prefer a more environmentally-friendly option, just sling a couple of linen napkins in your bag and moisten them with water when you need them.

7. A plastic bag

A rolled-up empty plastic carrier bag is great for carrying wet clothes and towels, or for using as a garbage bag if you are out and about.

8. Non-perishable snacks

Trail mix or dried fruit are great options to keep your energy up and stop you having to resort to expensive snack -buying when you are out.

9. Stickers/ deck of cards

If you have small children keep a sheet of stickers in your bag in case they need entertaining. Older adventurers can always amuse themselves with a deck of cards, whether playing as a group or having a quick solo round of Patience under a tree in the park.

summer essentials

Do you have a summer essentials bag? What do you put in it? We'd love to hear the things you can't do without over the summer season.

For beautiful linen clothes for summer go here, and for tips on how to plan the perfect summer picnic go here. And this book has been a lifesaver on outings with grouchy children.


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