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August 24, 2010

LinenMe team is happy to announce some good news – from now on all deliveries to US customers are made for free! And much faster! All packages will be delivered by UPS - a reliable transportation company and long time partner of LinenMe. “From now on all US customers will receive their purchases much faster – it will take only 3-5 days depending on location and customs procedures. Earlier we used to send our items via post and it usually took several weeks before a client got a package”, - says Inga Lukauskiene, the owner and chief designer of LinenMe. “We are always striving to deliver top quality for our customers. Having free and faster delivery to our US customers we eliminate the obstacle for our existing and future clients to try our high quality, carefully designed and natural European products”, - shares Inga.


Karen Fields

I do enter LinenMe USA, but I do not get to a site that shows price in dollars. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


Dear Karen,

Please choose US flag from the dropdown menu of flags at the header menu.



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