Hunker Down: How to prepare your home for winter

Spring is usually seen as the prime time for a good clean-out at home, but we think the coming of Winter also merits a bit of preparation. With a few simple jobs your house will feel cosier and you can embrace the darker evenings and colder weather knowing that you will be warm and comfortable. With the change in weather comes a change in pace – more gentle time indoors, hearty slow-cooked food, early nights between cosy sheets with a good book.

Once your tasks are done you can make like a hibernating bear and just hunker down. Here’s a few tips to get your home winter-ready and all cosied-up:


A few simple jobs will help make spending more time indoors a pleasure. Dust under your bed and make sure the air can circulate under there, wash curtains, wipe down any walls prone to mildew with a tea-tree and lavender spritz (make your own using white vinegar, water and essential oils) , keep windows clear of condensation.


home for winter - fireplace

Nothing beats an open fire or wood burner for an instant way to add warmth to a room. Sweep your chimney and stock up on logs – make it a family task to carry the logs and stack them neatly, if you have space. A fire is a reassuring centre point, making you feel your home will be cosy no matter what. There is also something relaxing about watching flames crackling and licking against wood – a relaxing alternative to a Netflix box set! If you can’t have a fire indoors, try and find somewhere outside where you can safely light one. Bring marshmallows and sticks, and plenty of warm blankets to gather around the fire with friends.


home for winter - bed linen

If you have draughty windows think about using a secondary double glazing unit to provide some insulation. You can even use cling film (saran wrap) blow-dried smooth across a window frame. Line your curtains with thermal blackout lining, or just clip a length of thermal lining fabric to the reverse and remove in summer. Put away summer-weight duvets and air thicker duvets before using – 0n a sunny day, simply hang your duvet outside for a couple of hours and beat lightly to fluff up the filling. Linen bedding makes a great choice for winter as it helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you toasty in the colder months and cool in summer. Magic.

Treat yourself

home for winter - book

Now’s the time to stock up on candles, hot water bottles, luxurious bath salts and anything else that takes the sting out of chilly, dark days. Bring light into corners of your house with candles of various heights, gather your family round a chunky candle on the table for breakfast and take a long soak in the bath with a scented candle. Warm your bed with a hottie and curl up with a book.

Go with the slower pace of winter, wind down and find ways to make time for some quiet amidst the hurly burly. It’s time to channel your inner hibernator…

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