7 Fun Festive Crafts That Will Enhance Your Home

‘Tis the season for ribbons, stars, glitter and all things crafty! If you’re looking for inspiration for some fun, easy and beautiful things to make, we’ve got 7 ideas for you. No matter whether you are a seasoned crafter or just after some family activities, these ideas will keep you happy and add some tasteful festive cheer to your home too.

1   Tiny House Gift Boxes

These adorable gift house boxes make ideal teacher’s gifts and also look lovely sitting in a row on a mantlepiece. Fill them with truffles, candy or homemade chocolate bark and give them out to your friends and neighbours.  The perfect way to spread joy and let people know how much you appreciate them. You could also stamp numbers onto the doors and use them as a gift-filled advent calendar. This tutorial comes with a free printable, making it super easy to do (we know, we’ve tried it).

2   3D Stars

Festive Crafts(Image via katescreativespace.com)

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like a twinkly star, and these gorgeous paper 3D decorations will bring that twinkle into your home. Choose bright red and green for a pop of traditional Christmas tones, or use metallic hues for real sparkle. String from a garland, prop on the mantlepiece or a shelf, or fix to your doors. These are versatile, fun to make and look fabulous. We are huge fans of the brilliant Kate of katescreativespace.com – you are guaranteed to find an idea for an interior design or decoration on her gorgeous website (check out this Christmas fir lady).

3   Ori-napkin table decoration

We’ve all heard of origami, meaning ‘folding paper’. Another popular craft is the folding of cloth napkins into beautiful shapes to decorate dining tables and feasts, known as ori-napkin. If you fancy having a go, simply grab your favourite linen napkins and follow these instructions (this will make a little napkin four-point bundle – like a sweet little present all wrapped up). You can make simple or more complex shapes, or stick to the Christmas theme with some green napkins cleverly folded to create Christmas trees.

4   Snow globe cookie jars

We love these super-cute snow globe jars filled with homemade snowball cookies. Use whatever jars you have already, or buy some fancy Mason jars and give as gifts. Or you could simply keep one on the kitchen counter ready to feed any hungry hoards that descend on you over the holidays.

5  Pom-pom wreath

Festive Crafts(Image via blog.hobbycraft.co.uk)

If you fancy a change from the traditional greenery, why not whip up a pom-pom wreath instead? Sure to bring a smile to all your visitors’ faces and brighten up your front door. Pom-poms are easy to make and a great thing to get the children doing with you. Select tasteful Christmassy colours or go for all-out razzmatazz and make multi-coloured balls of joy!

6   Linen advent activity calendar

Festive Crafts
(Image via designmom.com)

This is a winner. Made from a  simple piece of linen fabric with pockets sewn on and filled with fun, family-focussed activities, this advent calendar is the perfect way to enhance the countdown to the Big Day without adding more chocolate-filled calendars into your home. You can add tiny gifts or sweets (bells, ornaments, and tree decorations work well), or stick to the just the activities. No need to replace each year, simply restock or switch around the activities and hang up. This tutorial shows you how to make the calendar, and includes examples of instructions. Add your own ideas too if you like: things like ‘Drink warm punch by the fire’, ‘Have a candle-lit dinner’ and ‘Make gingerbread biscuits’ are perennial faves in our household. The secret is in the planning: don’t put something very involved, like ‘Make Christmas cards’ on a day when you are back late from work and the kids have football club, instead choose simple things for busy days and keep the more complicated activities for days when you have more time. And don’t worry that the advent countdown has begun, this won’t take long to make, and it will last for many years to come.

7   Magical Christmas lanterns

Festive Crafts(Image via moraaproved.com)

We love these softly-glowing lanterns and think they would make a fab craft activity. Once you’ve finished you can put them on the table and have a candle-lit dinner by their golden light. They are really easy to make too, just follow these instructions. All you need are some jars, an old book, string and a cutting board.

Here’s to happy holiday crafting! And if you want some ideas for getting cosy in this cold spell, hit here.


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