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August 10, 2011

As you might imagine, we receive lots of feedback from our clients with stories from real life. One of the most amusing involved bath towels - the lady sent us an email and told she fell in love with linen textile when she started using linen bath towels. They took so little room in her drawers (compared to bulky cotton ones) that she ended up with one completely empty drawer for her other needs! And this is such a typical story! :)

Linen towels with loops - LinenMe

We tell you this as we have added some new designs and colors of linen bath and hand towels to our bathroom linen collection and therefore want to remind our clients of those great benefits linen bath textile has. And we do not boast - many people start using other linen items after they purchase and use linen bath towels for some time. They just are so functional and easy care.

Linen Towels with Loops - LinenMe

So, judge yourselves:
- Linen towel is extremely absorbent - it absorbs the moisture instantly.
- No rubbing needed - just press a towel to your skin and dry up at once (those with sensitive skin appreciate this a lot).
- Linen bath towels from LinenMe are thin and therefore take very little room in your drawers or shelves, and also look neat when folded.
- Being thin they are lightweight, too. And this makes them irreplaceable when packing for a trip, day on the beach, or putting together a rucksack before hiking.
- Linen bath and hand towels dry extremely quickly. Leave it on the heater, in the sun or wind and return in few minutes.
- Linen is a very durable fabric - your bathroom linens will last for years.
- Owner of LinenMe is competent designer, so linen towels you purchase are thoughtfully designed by a dedicated person.
- Linen towel is multipurpose - use it as a blanket for your baby, as a sheet to sit on in the beach, wear as a beach skirt, cover yourself on the chilly evening.
- With many years of experience LinenMe knows how to make a quality product: your linen bath and hand towels are prewashed during production process and therefore extremely soft, colors will not fade after washing, seams are tight, special loops are made for easier hanging on towels from new Tuscany, Francesca, Phillipe, Multistripe collections.

Striped Blue Linen Towels - LinenMe

Add gorgeous colors and you get a luxurious, stylish quality towels for your fabulous spa experience at home! Do not forget some linen spa accessories!

Linen Towels with Loops


I have some of your huck towels and use them daily. My brother in law stayed with me recently after surgery and had never seen linen towels. He ended up using them as a light cover when he got chilled. They have come in handy as al fresco tablecloths and wraps. They are well made and sturdy and I imagine that they will outlast me.

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