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June 20, 2011

LinenMe introduces new collection of linen home wear. "We launched our first linen clothing collection last year," - tells Inga Lukauskiene, owner and chief designer of LinenMe, "and we received lots of orders and positive feedback from our clients since. Linen clothes are so comfortable one would wear them all day. Knowing and having personal experience about this fact, we created a special line of linen clothing, dedicated only for home."

Linen Djellaba White

LinenMe Linen Bath Robe White

Linen fabric has been appreciated through ages because of its unique filtering, bacteria resistant, ventilating, moisture absorbing and evaporating capabilities and this make it irreplaceable when designing comfortable clothing, especially that used daily at home.

"This year we introducing linen sleepwear : nightdresses, pyjamas, morning gowns, night shirts and djellabas (lounge dresses) - all you would need to spend your moments of relaxation and "sweet doing nothing" in quality and comfort" - shares Inga.

Linen Pyjamas Alma LinenMe

Linen Night Shirt Indigo LinenMe

Linen has high air permeability and heat conductivity properties - it is a breathable fabric - this means it makes you warm in winter and keeps cool in summer. And therefore pyjamas and nightdresses made of linen are so comfortable and pleasant to sleep in.

Because linen is such a lightweight fabric, pleasant to skin and also easy taken care of, any loungewear, such as short gowns and long gowns and djellabas, made of pure linen fabric, are irreplaceable at home.

"We hope you present and future clients will like our new linen home wear creations as much as we like them here, in our home," - shares Inga Lukauskiene.

Linen Bath Robe Washed Waffle LinenMe

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