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November 22, 2021

This time of year is packed with celebrations and festive holidays, from Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to Christmas and Pancha Ganapati. Maybe you're hoping to see loved ones you haven't seen for ages or spend some quiet time together as a family. Now's the time to start thinking about making your home look and feel as welcoming as possible. A beautiful table setting enhances any meal, so you might want to invest in some stunning new table linen for the party season.

You could go for table linen in cheerful traditional Christmas colors if that's your thing. Or choose calming neutrals to create a simple backdrop that lets the food and decorations speak for themselves. Here are some ideas for gorgeous linen table cloths, napkins and table runners that will add a special feel to any meal or occasion.

The Thanksgiving dinner

Whether you've got guests over or are just feeding yourselves, give your Thanksgiving dinner the star treatment with a set of vintage style table linens. Our Brittany range of 100% pure table linens create a laid-back feel, with subtle stripes. We love to mix a striped linen tablecloth with napkins in a plain color. And they also look great with matching napkins for a pulled-together look.

thanksgiving table linen  Brittany_Tablecloth_Brick-Natural-49_600x600The extended family sleepover

If you've got visitors staying round and you're making a big breakfast, set the table to make it feel uber fun. Add an air of French rustic charm with our Provence table linens, then pile up plates of pancakes, croissants and hot coffee for a truly luxurious start to the day.

  The Christmas lunch

For a magical Christmas lunch don't scrimp on the table linens. Choose plain white for a calm background. Or a festive green like our subtle Forest Green tablecloth or runners and matching napkins. Add some cuttings from fir trees, holly with berries and foraged foliage to create a sumptuous, nature-inspired table setting.

  Provence_Runner_ForestGreen-19_600x600The romantic evening in

On those precious quiet evenings when you're sharing a meal for two at home, bring candles, your best crockery and a beautiful pair of placemats and napkins for a relaxed yet special atmosphere. Don't be afraid of white table linens! Pure, good quality linen is machine washable and can be tumble dried. This makes it easy to deal with any spills or stains. Just act fast!). You don't even need to iron them as linen's natural creases just add to its beauty.

  Lara_HandWovenPlacemat_OffWhite-Natural-2_600x600A quiet solo supper

Cooking for yourself can sometimes be boring. But with a little preparation and thought you can still make it feel special. Why not treat yourself to a beautiful solo supper at home? Add a linen napkin and table runner, then serve yourself something nourishing. Light a candle. Play your favourite tracks. Eat ice cream from the tub. Do whatever feels great! Our Multistripe placemat and napkins are grown up yet playful. Perfect for a cozy night in.

dinner for one table linenA New Year's Eve dinner party

Are you planning a proper New Year's Eve dinner party this year? No sit-down meal is complete without a tablecloth and napkins. Create a casual yet well thought-out look with a darker colored linen tablecloth and matching napkins. Using dark colors adds ambience and drama. Perfect for a serious (but not too serious!) evening with friends.

Whatever you're celebrating and whoever you're with, we wish you a happy and peaceful festive season.

For some eye-catching celebratory Christmas and Thanksgiving table setting ideas go here and here.

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