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December 7, 2020

Over the past few years the concept of 'mindful consumption' has caught on in the mainstream. Many of us are trying to make more considered, less environmentally damaging decisions about how we spend our hard-earned cash, and how we live our lives more generally. As a business we at LinenMe take our eco-credentials seriously, always looking for ways we can reduce waste in our production process and using green energy. We know that individual actions can make a difference, and we're asking you to join us in a new initiative to reduce our collective carbon footprints. And it's as simple as walking to your local pickup point to collect your order.

sustainable shopping

Why choose local pickup?

Recent research by our courier, DPD, has shown that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 63% (in the last stage of a product's journey) by opting for local pickup instead of delivery. With over 49,517 pickup points across Europe, there's an average of one convenient collection point for every 15,000 people. Almost all of these are within a ten-minute walk from home. Given the benefits of this more sustainable way of shopping, we'd love to encourage you to select local pickup as your delivery method, if at all possible.

It's important to remember that collecting your parcels will only reduce emissions if you use public transport or a bike, or you walk to the collection point – driving kind of defeats the point, unless you're passing anyway. Other great things about collecting your parcel are that you can go at a time that suits you and don't have to wait at home in case you miss the delivery, and it's a good way to support local shops and businesses in your area.

mindful shopping

Here are some other ways you can shop more sustainably:

  • Take a re-usable bag. Most shops are phasing out single-use plastic bags and as consumers we've quickly adjusted to bringing our own carriers out with us. Keep a re-usable tote in each of your main bags to make sure you're always prepared
  • Buy products made from natural or biodegradable materials, like linen. Avoid synthetic or chemically-treated fabrics like polyester, nylon and viscose
  • Choose quality items that will last, rather than opting for a fast-fashion retail fix
  • Buy clothing that has multiple uses (like a linen scarf that doubles as a shawl, beach cover-up and picnic blanket) or goes with a range of wardrobe staples, so you get plenty of wear out of it
  • Recycle or donate any clothes you don't wear, and work around a capsule wardrobe of classics and much-loved items
  • If shopping online, check out the retailer's delivery and packaging services. Choose to buy from brands that are trying to reduce emissions and waste

By being mindful of our shopping habits and trying to make small yet important changes, we can help the fight against climate change, and leave the planet in a better state for the next generations. We are grateful for our amazing customers who choose to buy our ethically sourced, sustainably produced products that are made with love for our fellow creatures and respect for the environment. By supporting family-run, eco-conscious brands like LinenMe you send a powerful message to big business that things need to change. And you get beautiful, top quality products too. It's a huge win-win!

Check out our other environmental initiatives here and here.

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