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June 4, 2021

LinenMe Linen Bedding Pattern

An easy way to refresh your bedroom is to mix and match your bed linen. Your bed is usually the largest item in the room, and by just changing the bedding you can give the whole space a new look. We're going to show you how to make the most of your linen bedding, and how a style switch can bring an unexpected fresh feel to your home. Need some inspiration for a bedroom update? We've got you covered.

Here are our pro tips for mixing and matching bedding:

Get the basics right
LinenMe Linen Bedding Off White and Natural

It is important to start from the right place, which means good quality bedding. No amount of cushion plumping or colourful pillow cases will disguise sad old sheets or bobbly synthetic duvet covers. If you invest in top quality bedding you'll not only create a stylish look, it will last longer, so it's worth buying new bedlinen if yours is on the shabby side and budget can stretch to it.

Quality counts
We think linen is the best choice for bedding, thanks to its temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. It helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter, so you can use our bedding all year round and still sleep comfortably through the night. Cotton, another natural fabric, is a popular choice but in our opinion linen outscores cotton on all fronts. Once you've slept beneath a super soft linen duvet cover and rested your head on cool linen pillows you'll see why.

It is easy to care for too, making it a low-maintenance option for bedding. It is machine washable, can be tumble dried and doesn't even need ironing as the natural creases are part of its charm.

Play with pattern
Play with patterns linen bedding

If you have two or three different sets of patterned bedding, don't be afraid of mixing them together. We love pairing our medium stripe pillows with our windowpane duvet cover, creating different textures by combining a simple graphic design with patterns like stripes. The same goes for pairing dots and stripes, or floral prints and graphic patterns.

Keep one tonal aspect in common
LinenMe Graphite Linen Bedding

Although a combination of different patterned linens looks great, the key is to have one common tonal element. For example, background colors in the name tones or a shared color palette across your bedding, curtains, cushions and throw. A blanket can really pull a look together, so if you want to harmonise things, try adding a layer of a shared color by draping a blanket over the bed. If you've chosen bedlinen with patterns, opt for a plain throw or blanket.

Use a block color with patterns
Navy Blue Linen Bed Set Stone Washed LinenMe

If a multi-print combination makes you feel dizzy, add a block color alongside one or two different prints. Layering color and print like this works really well to soften the busyness of patterns, and also brings more texture into the room. It is also a lovely way to bring a pop of color into a room, especially if you're decor is mainly minimalist or neutral. We love combining our navy blue duvet cover with our pale check pillow cases for a crisp yet welcoming combination.

In summer, layer paler tones with patterns, and in winter choose for darker, moody grey, blue and plum tones. Again, you can lift these dark colors by adding some patterned pillow cases or cushion covers.

Bring neutral bedding to life

Whilst white or pale coloured bed linen makes for a tranquil, calm, fresh-feeling bedroom, sometimes it's fun to add a zip of pattern into the mix to create different textures. Layer our off-white stone washed pillows and duvet cover with a windowpane sheet on the bed underneath. Match up white sheets with a subtle patterned piece, like our stripe comforter cover.

Work with textures and patterns together

As well as adding textured patterns, you can also mix or pair fabrics with different textures. Linen works beautifully with other natural fabrics like wool, so try adding a wool throw on your bed and see how the creases and textures complement each other. Bringing in unexpected textures can also be effective, like placing a silky cushion against a cool linen sheet or hanging velvet curtains for a fun, luxury accent. Using the same colors but contrasting fabrics is a lovely way to harmonise your bedroom decor but also keep things interesting.

Use art to add accents

If you'd rather stick to single color bedlinen and don't feel patterns will work on your bed, try adding abstract art or pictures to the walls. You can find amazing prints online, so search for something that expresses your personality but is also a good accent for your color scheme. This can be as subtle as finding a painting with one of your color elements, or as bold as matching a piece of art to the patterns elsewhere.

Bring Nature indoors

fresh look home

Once you know how to combine bedding for the best effect, you can start thinking about the little extras that make a place feel like home. A great way to do this is to bring in something natural. This might be a bunch of flowers, a beautiful branch you found on a walk, some feathers or dried seedheads. Create a feature shelf with your gatherings or clear your clutter off your chest of drawers and place them in a prominent position.

Whatever look you're after for your home – from pared-back neutrals and white backgrounds, to bold, rich colors and prints, adding patterned fabric to your interior design completely transforms a space. Together with choosing the highest quality fabrics and accessories you can find, it's an easy way to update your bedroom look.

For more ideas on decorating your bedroom discover these posts full of handy hints and expert tips. Go here for inspiration on how to create a beautiful bedroom for every budget. And here for a guide to buying bed linen.


Thank you for posting this. I will be updating my bedroom soon and this is very helpful. Also, I had not considered pairing linen and wool together, but am excited to try it because I love both.

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