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November 4, 2016

They say the first bite is with the eyes. Which is why appearance is so essential when serving food. With the season of family celebrations fast approaching, there is plenty of scope for creating a fabulous backdrop for your festive feast. If you have family heirloom table linens now is the time to give them a refresh. If your tablecloth is looking a bit tired, invest in a new one that will see you through years of gatherings. Our collection of table linen comes in a wide range of colours and textures, but it may be that you have a funny shaped table or need something bespoke. Unlike many manufacturers we offer a Design Your Way service so that we can produce individually sized linens including bespoke tablecloth, whatever the occasion.

Whether you need a bespoke tablecloth or a runner, we've got you, and your table, covered. At LinenMe there's no need to choose 'nearly good enough' - we can get it just right.

Here's what to do.

1.Measuring up

Measuring Bespoke TableclothFirstly, if you have an adjustable table set it to the size for which you require the tablecloth. If the table is square or rectangle simply measure the width and length (some 'squares' may be slightly off, so it's worth doing both), and note down. Measure across the centre of your table, not the edge. If your table is circular you can either measure the diameter by finding the measurement across the centre, or take measurements at different points and calculate the average from these.


Bespoke Tablecloth - LinenMe

Push the chairs in so that you can see where you'd like the fabric to sit. You don't want it completely in your guests' laps, but it also needs to be long enough that the tablecloth will stay centred and still. Most tablecloths allow for a 20-30cm overhang all round. Once you've got the drop of the overhang, double it for both the width and length of the table. So, if your table is 100cm x 150cm you will need 140cm x 190cm of linen, allowing for a 20cm overhang. Sometimes people like to completely cover their table legs, either to hide an unsightly table or to create a more formal look. In this case you will need considerably more fabric.

3. Browse our fabrics 

Go to our Fabrics page and browse our gorgeous range of linen in a vast array of colours and finishes. Think about how the fabric will work with your wall colour scheme, the table and chairs and your tableware. If you go for edgy modern crockery you will want a contemporary-feeling fabric, but if you prefer a rustic look then decide which fabric matches that. Remember, the table will probably be the focal point of the room, so decide what look you want to create and then select the perfect linen for the job. Pinterest is a brilliant source of inspiration for all things interiors.

4.Design Your Way

Fill in all the relevant details on our Design Your Way page, and then sit back and let us do all the hard work. You can even add a monogram to your linen if you'd like - perfect for extra-special personalised Christmas gifts!

Table Linen - Bespoke Tablecloth

And it's not just tablecloths that we can make to your specifications. Get in touch and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to help. This post may help you decipher the different fabrics and finishes.

Happy table-setting!



Hi, do you do bespoke oval table cloths? Thank you.


Yes we do, drop a note to LinenMe customer support with your requirements.


In reply to by Pablo (not verified)

Amy Evans

Hi I am looking for a tablecloth for a table (including over hang) of 182x153cm
We are not fussy on fabric or colour but a dark one would br preferable. What sort of price are we looking at? Thanks in advance


Hi Amy,

Thank you for your interest in LinenMe tablecloth. The price will depend on the design and fabric type. Take a look at our tablecloths section and take the price of the tablecloth to higher size from your mentioned bespoke measures and drop a note to our customer support for bespoke order if the pricing works for you.


In reply to by Amy Evans (not verified)



What would be the price for a bespoke tablecloth (rosa linen) in 150x250cm and how long would it take to have it ready?

Many thanks,


Dear Delphine,

Sure we could do it. Our customer service team will get back to you with details.



In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

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