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July 11, 2022

As part of our commitment to being as environmentally friendly as we possibly can, we make all our products to order. That means timelessly stylish products and less waste. We don't follow fashion trends and instead focus on making impeccably cut, cleverly designed pieces that will last for years. You won't find bundles of old stock or shelves full of unwearable fashion fads. Instead, our skilled designers, cutters and seamstresses craft your item when you order it.

3 generation family business
Me, my mom and my sister

How does making to order make a difference?

It's simple – we only produce items we know we can sell. When you order online (or a stockist sends an order) our artisans work hard to complete the order, ensuring you get your linen product as quickly as possible. This way of working ensures no stock is left over, which means no waste.

To give you an idea of the scale of the problem, around 85% of textiles are sent to landfill in the US. Around the world we currently throw away 92 million tons of textiles each year. And it's predicted to rise to 132 million tons by the next decade. So, as well as the immense amount of resources used to produce these garments, the bulk ending up as rubbish is also worrying.

And recycling textiles isn't a total solution either. Research shows that only 12% of textile fabric actually ends up being recycled. This is often because the fabric may be synthetic or contain un-recyclable elements. Any dye must also be removed before reusing the fabric. Clothing or homewares made from poor quality fabric (which makes up the bulk of our textiles) doesn't last long and has only a limited chance of a 'second life'.

Making to order is an ethical, responsible and sustainable alternative to our current fast fashion addiction. Think about how different it would be if all brands operated on a made-to-order basis like us!

we made you clothes
The Super Team that makes every product you buy by hand

What you'll get from a LinenMe product

We pride ourselves on our products, and they are much loved around the world. Here's why:

  • Top quality, European certified linen
  • Flattering, well-made slow-fashion pieces and homewares with a contemporary twist
  • Three generations of experience working with linen
  • A combination of ancient artisanal techniques and modern technology
  • Beautifully designed products that will last for years
  • Timelessly elegant styles, colors and shapes
  • Knowledge that you're not adding to landfill waste
  • We're a small, family-run business that puts our customers and workers at the center of what we do
  • New designs and innovative pieces that will stand the test of time
  • Most items are made from supersoft pre-washed linen
  • Heirloom pieces that you can pass on

fashion-revolutionfashionhand weaving linenme

If you care about the planet, be more conscious about your consumption! Buying from us really does make a difference. Find out about why linen is a sustainable fabric here.

Sara Jane Ratcliffe

I say a big YES to your company as a environmentally conscious firm. Love your products and hope that in our stagnant world economy you are able to survive and fight back.

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