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July 4, 2015

A glance is all it takes for linen to wrinkle, but one wearing of linen trousers, jacket or a dress on a hot humid day or night is all it takes to experience the feeling of coolness and comfort that only linen can bring.

Most clothes nowadays are either cotton, polyester, or a combination of both. Finding a linen shirt or – God forbid – a linen suit is more like trying to find the Rosetta Stone. But keep in mind that nothing breathes cooler than a natural fiber. Therefore, what you gain in wrinkle resistance you lose in the coolness and lightweight comfort of linen’s natural fibers.

Linen Shorts - LinenMe

Styling linen for men:

A lightweight coat can double as a great jacket put together on impulse with your favorite pair of denim, polo shirt with and a pair of leather sandals or just simple flip flops for those extra hot days.

Another great choice is a single coloured linen shirt. As you know, no man can have too many shirts. Match them with dark linen shorts or trousers and will have a perfect combination for a warm summer day at the park or even in the office.

Styling linen for women:

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend you start your hunt with a linen shirt. The part of your skin that feels most uncomfortable during summer days is your torso, so that should be tackled first. Linen shirt would go very nicely with other pieces of linen clothing (like linen trousers or linen skirt).

Linen shorts and trousers is another great option for women. Linen absorbs heat and humidity so linen trousers are a great choice for the summer.

Finally, every woman loves dresses and skirts. On top of looking amazing linen skirts will make you feel cool and match your simple shirts or t-shirts perfectly.

Fashion Haul

Informative post.Nowadays, linen dresses are so trendy. I have 2 linen dresses. If you wear them perfectly, it can change your overall look.Thanks!!


Dear Nancy,

The only advice I could give is to use linen fabric of 160-200 grams / m2. They would fit the best for this purpose.


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nancy ote

Hi. I'm going to be making linen shirts and skirts for my self. Will you suggest the linen type that is best for this.

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