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August 9, 2019

Each year LinenMe proudly showcase our linen homewares at the Maison & Objet international shows. It's a great chance to meet other retailers and producers, and to give customers and buyers the chance to see our products in all their glory. This year we were especially delighted to learn that we have been chosen for their exclusive Sustainability itinerary, which recognises those brands who are doing their bit to minimise their impact on the environment.

The criteria for selection for the Sustainability itinerary are: sustainable procurement, a ‘less is more’ approach to reducing waste, and showing respect for fellow human beings and the environment. We are proud to use green energy and to reduce waste by by turning even the smallest off-cut of fabric into hand woven placemats. And it's great that prestigious trade fairs like Maison & Objet are acknowledging those brands that have eco-friendly values at their core. 

What is Maison & Objet?

maison & objet paris trade show - sustainable textiles

Maison & Objet host bi-annual fairs in Paris with exhibitors from the architectural, retail and hospitality sectors. It's basically a huge celebration of cutting edge design, established brands and exciting start-ups. From fashion accessories to linen beach towels you'll find the very best products from nearly 3000 businesses. We are excited to see what shape the theme for September's fair takes – the theme is the workplace, so we're expecting to see plenty of innovative ways to translate home design expertise into an office setting.

Do you work from home? Let us know what the benefits and challenges are, and what products you'd like to see more readily available for the home office. Drop us a comment below and get a conversation started about the future of work and the workplace.

Why is linen more sustainable than cotton?

summer wardrobe essentials

Not only do we at LinenMe take our sustainable practices very seriously, we're also working with an inherently eco-friendly material in the first place. Whilst choosing natural fabrics for your clothes and home textiles is always the best option, linen is even better than other fabrics. Linen requires less water fewer pesticides to grow than cotton. It is biodegradable, so after its long life it will gently decompose without leaving any waste. All parts of the flax plant can be used, meaning there are no harmful bi-products as a result of our processing and manufacturing procedures.

Paris trade fair Maison & Objet

So, if you're in Paris in September and fancy exploring this wonderland of impeccable design, come along and say hello. And if you'd like a glimpse behind the scenes at an international trade fair go here.





Dear Jane,

Thank you for your note. Could you please fill in the form here to apply for the trade account.


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Jane Wiest

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I own a london-based monogramming Comosny and I’m looking for new lines of table, kitchen and bath linens. I’ll be at Maisonette Objet on 10th September and will be sure to stop by your stand. Could I please open a trade account in the meantime?

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