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April 4, 2014

Last time we talked about the uses of linen fabric. As linen fabric is the oldest and still very widely used material, it’s interesting to know, what is made of it. So, let’s continue.


Upholstery linen fabric is another product widely used nowadays. Durable and strong, upholstery linen fabric is appreciated by furniture makers.

Apart form obvious and popular uses, linen fabric is used for making wall canvases, artist’s canvases, wall coverings, lampshades, handkerchiefs, gift-wrappings, book covers, cell phone pouches and other various accessories…


Linen is also a choice in producing some industrial products like insulation and filtration materials, light aviation products, reinforced plastics, sewing thread, surgical thread and twine etc.

Linen products can by used by generations. If you have an old linen bed sheet or tablecloth, do not throw it away. It still can serve some purpose of your household. Make your old or unused bed sheet into some draperies or shower curtains, cut it up and use it as a dishtowel. These ideas are low cost and environmentally friendly.


 As you can see, linen fabric is a really versatile material, and what’s more important – has lots of advantages, is environment-friendly and good for one’s health. If proper care is taken, linen bed linen, linen tablecloths, linen clothes can serve you many years and become even nicer and softer with each wash!

Mrs. Jean Woods

Is Rustic dark green linen suitable for chair loose covers please.?


Yes it is.


In reply to by Mrs. Jean Woods (not verified)


Dear Florence,

Sure. Take a look at our dedicated linen fabric store. You could filter there the search by fabric width and you'll find enough choice of fabrics suitable for your tablecloths.


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Florence Yorwarth


I am looking for linen fabric to make round table clothes. would it be possible to have a fabric made wider? About 250 cm?

kind regards,

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