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March 17, 2017

If you are thinking of redecorating your home, or revamping your wardrobe, and you want to embrace the new season's trends, here are some ideas for beautiful ways to incorporate the latest colours and shapes. You don't need to follow the whims of fashion and chuck out all your old things, you might just want to keep the trends in mind if you are planning on investing in some new bedlinen or cushions, or if you need some summer staples for your wardrobe. We are not fans of disposable, fast fashion but we also like to stay current, so the odd nod to seasonal shapes and colours can invigorate your clothing basics or your existing decor.

Colours and interiors

For the Spring/Sunmmer '17 season expect to see lots of greens and fuchsias. From muted sages to vibrant pinks, these colours can subtly complement or bring a pop of colour, depending on what you want to achieve.

Our Mauve linen cushion cover is a subtle way to bring on the pink, or you could go for a bold fuchsia if that's your thing. Pink cushions work well with grey and navy sofas or bedlinen, so a couple of scatter cushions may be all you need to update your home.

Decorative cusion covers - LinenMe

Soft rose tones and gentle greens are great ways to incorporate this season's colours if you prefer a more minimalist look. These gorgeous mint napkins are the perfect way to bring the new season tones into your home without going neon.


Prints are great, and relatively cheap, ways to change-up your decor without a major refurb. And you can easily switch them around if you get tired of them. This graphic print has elements of pink and looks up-to-date without being faddy. You could build up a picture wall with a mixture of botanical prints (with lots of green tones) and graphics (with fuchsias and brighter tones). Keep the frames simple and you can swap the prints around as you like.


For clothes, try ivory or white for head-to-toe chic. Our classic Venice white dress is cut for comfort as well as style, is just the right length and has two roomy pockets on the front. We love a dress with pockets! Pair with this jacket and some white Birkies and you've got your summer look updated.

Linen Clothing - LinenMe

Bold, statement sleeves are big this season, as are delicately sheer layers that play with texture. Check out this post for ideas. Or head to Cos for this very wearable version of big sleeves that will look lovely for seasons to come.


Sweatshirts and tees with buzzwords are an easy way to add some new season glamour without breaking the bank. We love this Sincerely Jules All Day Off Duty tee or this sweatshirt for injecting a bit of personality into your look.


As you can see, it is possible to stay up-to-date without buying into the whole notion of consuming for the sake of fashion. A few simple, well made, preferably sustainably-sourced items can complete the new season's look without unnecessary purchases or expense.

For more ideas on how to rock a linen tunic this summer, go here, and for help refreshing your bedroom, hit here.


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