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March 15, 2019

With Mother’s Day fast approaching in the UK, and not far round the corner in the USA, it’s time to think about what you’ll be buying or doing to celebrate. From breakfast in bed to a luxurious linen robe, we’ve got something for every budget to make Mother’s Day properly special.

Whilst this is often a happy day where we celebrate the amazing women who brought us into the world, or get pampered by our children, it’s not always simple. For people who’ve lost their mother, who had a complex or difficult relationship, single mums or people who are separated from the mother of their children, it can be tinged with sadness. If this applies to you, seek out lovely friends, light a candle for your absent mother, take a long walk in a beautiful space, call a friend and tell them how you're feeling, or make a list of things you feel grateful for.

If you’re looking for ways to honour and thank the special mother in your life, here’s our edit of gifts and ways to spend the day.

1.Make her breakfast in bed

mother's day gifts

A lie-in and a delicious breakfast is a really lovely way to start Mother’s Day. Get the kids involved, or prepare your Mum’s favourite pancakes, then set a tray with a bunch of flowers, pretty linen napkin, your nicest plate, the Sunday newspaper and a hot cup of tea or coffee.

2.A day out somewhere special

mother's day ideas

Whether your mother likes gardening or Vietnamese food, surfing or cinema, set aside a day to spend some time together doing what she loves. 

3.A luxurious linen robe

linen bath robe - Mother's Day

Snuggling up in a cosy, supersoft linen robe is the ultimate in easy luxury. Ours are flattering yet fluid, and will get better with every wash and wear, making them a long-lasting gift that will give years of pleasure and comfort.

4.A book subscription

This is the perfect gift for book-loving mamas. Sign up to a book delivery subscription service and she’ll get a delightful literary surprise each month. You can specify what type of books she’d like, or go for a pot-luck approach. It might be lovely to read the same books together so you can discuss them or write to each other about them, for a great shared experience.

5.New linen bedlinen

linen bedlinen mothers day

For a really special gift, how about a set of beautiful linen bedlinen? Pick a fresh, Springlike colour, like our romantic Rosa dusky pink bedlinen sets or a dreamy aqua duvet cover to welcome the new season and brighten up her bedroom. We can even embroider them for you with our bespoke customising service.

6.Make a ‘Joy Jar’

This is a lovely present to make with kids, or for a mama-friend. Find a nice jam or mason jar - you can decorate it if you’re feeling creative. Cut out slips of paper and write some special messages on them, things like ‘I love how you always know when to call me’, or ‘Remember the time we stayed up all night talking?’. Add tokens and mementos from happy times together, like pebbles from her favourite beach or a dried pressed flower from her garden. Whenever she’s feeling down or fed up, she can dip into the Joy Jar for some instant love.

How do you like to celebrate Mother's Day?


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