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November 24, 2017

We at LinenMe don't do Black Friday. Despite it being a huge event for many brands, we choose not to succumb to the frenzy of marketing hype and super-cheap markdowns. This might seem a strange approach, so we thought we'd set out our thoughts here. Think of this post as a refuge from the Black Friday madness - you can still buy our fabulous products, we just won't be ramming them down your throats or screaming about bargains.

no to black friday promotions

You, the customer

As we are a primarily online business, we always make sure that you can find exactly what you need, regardless of what day it is. We pride ourselves on customer care and want you feel completely happy with your products. This is our priority, rather than making as many quick sales as we possibly can.


Buying linen textiles and homewares is something we know you think carefully about. Our prices are very reasonable and our products are top quality, but your priority may not be getting something at rock-bottom cost. Instead you want a product that will last, that looks just right in your home, that will work for you and family all year round and for years to come. Investing in some luscious new linen bedsheets, or buying a set of soft huckaback towels for your guest room, or stocking up on linen napkins ready for the festive season - these are all things that take care and thought.

We've all bought things on a whim only to find them languishing at the back of a cupboard, never to be used. They may have been cheap, but because we didn't really care about them, these things don't enhance our lives. Instead they accumulate as clutter and are just more things we need to sort and manage. We think you need time to choose your purchases, and we think the quality and beauty of our products speaks far louder than a shouty GET IT CHEAP NOW! promotion. We want you to fall in love with our products, not simply their price tag.

shopping for linen online black friday


We don't like fast fashion and we try to produce our linenwares as sustainably as possible. This ethos doesn't fit with the frenzied consumerism of Black Friday. Our linen gets better with every wash and will keep going for many years, meaning that your money goes further and there is less waste from discarded stuff. We design items that are timelessly classic and elegant, rather than following the latest fad. Our huge range of colours means that if you want to refresh your interior without a wholesale redecoration you can incorporate colour trends, but not be a slave to them. A LinenMe product is an heirloom-in-the-making rather than a disposable, short-lived purchase.


The fact that our linen textiles are sold in 60 countries worldwide shows that there is already a strong market for our products. We regularly feature in the press and glossy magazines - we've just been listed in the New York Times holiday gift guide. We believe that recommendations from trusted sources, featuring on the blogs of people we respect and admire, and working collaboratively with other businesses to promote our products is far better for us, and most importantly for you. You can trust that the item you are investing your time and money in will be just what you hoped for. And if you're not completely happy, we will exchange the product or refund you.

So, there you have it: the reasons you won't find any Black Friday promotions on here. Just exquisitely crafted, expertly designed, super soft and comfy, stunning linen textiles for your home.

Happy (slow) shopping!


Pip Hall

I’m heartily in favour of all you say about Black Friday.

Laura Beech

Quite right. If products are good quality and fairly priced, the customer should be happy with that. Black Friday is a horrible con trick and should be shunned by shoppers.


I am very impressed by this approach, respect you for your high standards, and hope others will follow your example. It's time for each of us to do our part to bring a healthy balance (sanity) to our society.

ro cullinan

thank you for sharing your sanity .......


You're welcome! Glad you agree with us!
Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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Thank you Kristina!


In reply to by Kristina (not verified)

Aynsley Rae

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Finally another company that has the same response to all the hype that goes along with "THE BLACK FRIDAY" event and the over commercialization of the whole Holiday Season.

We, like you do not participate in the "SALE" any given time of the year. We make most of our product so that we can create our own brand and not have to be caught up in the comparison shopping game that so many retailers have fallen into.

We price our product right the first time......and let the quality of the product do the rest of the selling.

Yes, we do clearances from time to time on outdated colors etc......Some of this will be on our Boxing Day Sale.....but we do only run it for one or two days.

It is nice to here...

Happy (slow) shopping to you too!


Glad to hear you have the same philosophy! Thanks for commenting.

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Cailein Gillespie

Very refreshing and common sense approach. You only devalue a product by suddenly offering it at a greatly depleted cost, in effect you are saying, look how much we overcharge you the rest of the time, and we are still making a profit.


Exactly, well said!
Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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Love your approach and view on Black Friday.

And love your products.

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