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August 31, 2018

Hot on the heels of our book giveaway competition where you can win a signed copy of Beth Kempton's new book Wabi Sabi, we are thrilled to share her 5 Good Things in this month's instalment of the new series. Life coach, Japanologist, founder of Do What You Love and bestselling author, Beth is all about helping you to create the life you want, and to live it well. So we thought you'd like a sneak peek into her world and the things that inspire her.

Here she shares some of the things that she holds dear and that bring her joy. Technically there are more than five things here but we think that says something about Beth's inclusive and thoughtful approach to life. When you pay attention to what you surround yourself with, when you live simply and without undue clutter, why narrow it down?

Read on to discover Beth's trusty winter uniform and where she gets her best ideas:


wabi sabi beth kempton(image credit: Holly Trelour)

I’m all about soulful simplicity in the home – keeping it simple with natural materials and a few treasured items. I am a huge fan of Japanese ceramics, many of which I have sourced on my travels and carry precious memories. I love the uneven finishes, the natural colours and functionality, and the way they seem to get more beautiful with every use. There is nothing quite as exquisite as a single flower in a Japanese vase, caught in a shaft of sunlight. I also use a lot of natural fabrics in my home, especially in the kitchen. My apron is a favourite.


Simple, elegant, comfortable clothes in neutrals, dark blues and greys suit my look and my life. I live in jeans and boots in the winter, and just had my favourite Steve Maddens resoled so they will walk with me for a couple more years.

5 good things capsule wardrobe - Beth Kempton(image credit: Neil Shaw)

Travel essentials

beth kempton japan(image credit: Neil Shaw)

An open heart, an open mind, and not too much stuff. As I have two small children, on the rare occasions I travel alone these days, it’s a real treat to have that expanse of quiet time, with no distractions. I pack light, and take things that will nurture a restful experience – my journal and a favourite pen, washi tape, face spritzer, hand cream, lip balm, flight socks, a soft eye mask, noise-reducing earphones, my kindle or a good book, and my beloved well-travelled passport.


slow living woodburner - beth kempton(image credit: Neil Shaw)

My house buzzes with the energy of two small children, and throwing myself completely into their world in any given moment can be hugely relaxing, even if lively, because it pulls me into their world of fun and wonder. For quieter relaxation I love walking in nature, the ritual of boiling and drinking tea, pausing to drink in quiet moments, writing, getting cosy by the woodburner, chatting on the garden swing seat with my husband, and listening to beautiful music.


wabi sabi inspiration - beth kempton

I get my best ideas on the move, usually when walking outdoors. I am fascinated by the way that the transience of nature can prompt us to think about the evanescence of our own lives, and this is at the heart of my new book Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life.

Thanks so much Beth, we've loved hearing your 5 (+) favourite things!

Discover Beth's life-changing courses at, or get a peek into her perfectly imperfect life over on Instagram @bethkempton. You can also listen to Beth's inspiring podcast The Freedom Seeker Chronicles if you'd like to learn more about her work and philosophy on life.

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Jennifer Dillon

Such a thoughtful and insightful post. Simply by reading it, it is easy to see the appeal and commitment of this sort of life.


Thank you,

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