5 Great Reasons to Buy New Linen Sheets

Whilst we at LinenMe don’t advocate buying for buying’s sake, there are of course times when you need new things. Here are 5 excellent reasons to buy new linen sheets, for just those occasions.

And why linen sheets instead of cotton? We’ve written here about how linen regulates your body temperature and wicks away moisture, leaving you sleeping peacefully and in comfort. You may also know that linen is antibacterial and inherently repels moths, meaning your bedlinen will stay fresh and un-chomped for longer. Our pure linen bedsheets are machine washable and actually get better with every wash – you can tumble dry them too if you need to. We prewash all our fabric for extra softness so you can feel like you are slipping into a cozy cloud of bliss.

You can choose flat sheets or fitted sheets (and for advice on how to fold a fitted sheet, click here) and if you have an unusual size bed just let us know and we can make the sheets bespoke for you.

So, here’s why you need new linen sheets:

1.The seasons are changing

With the coming of fall and autumnal chills in the air, now is the perfect time to invest in some super-snuggly bedlinen. You might want to choose darker, muted tones for the winter months, or colours that add warmth to your bedroom. Our bedsheets in plum kitten, rabbit and natural shades are perfect for fall and winter, lending depth of colour and a calm yet warm feel. When spring comes around, think about cooler tones and crisp whites to bounce back all the daylight and create a tranquil space in your bedroom, or fresh pastels for some gentle colour.


2.You’ve just broken up with someone

This is the perfect time to make some changes that will help you feel cared-for and that will mark the transition to a new phase in your life. New bedlinen feels treaty but also holds the feeling of a fresh start. Hunker down in bed with some fine chocolate and a box set or good book, and take some time to just rest. Add some fresh flowers or a new plant as a symbol of life and new energy.

new linen sheets

3.Your kids have drawn Olaf from Frozen on your old linen sheets

Or maybe this is just us? Either way, bedsheets have to endure a lot from kids, even if they are not handy with a Sharpie. Bed forts, pillow fights, Calpol spillages – all these can take their toll on your children’s bedding. What you need are some highly durable, long-wearing linen sheets that can withstand rough and tumble, and wash really well. They may also help your children sleep more soundly, thanks to their temperature regulating properties.

4.You need a special present

If you’re looking for a wedding present, or a gift that will last for years and keep getting better with age, some new linen sheets are just what you need. We can even monogram them for you, to make them extra special. Treat a loved-one to a bit of simple, lasting luxury. If you need help choosing the right bedlinen, this article might help.

linen sheets present wedding gift - LinenMe

5.You are redecorating your bedroom or want a change

Revamping your bedroom can involve large-scale redecorating, which may mean a new colour scheme and direction for your interior. Or perhaps you just want to refresh things and make some small but significant changes. New linen sheets and duvet covers will lend the ideal finishing touch, whether as a feature statement or blending subtly into the decor. There’s no need to stick to one shade, either – you can mix and match our bedlinen, using one colour for the fitted sheets and duvet cover, and another for the pillow cases and flat sheet beneath the duvet.


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